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Unlock Youthful Eyes: Non-Surgical Solutions for Tackling Drooping Eyelids with 3 Proven Tips

One of the most prevalent skin concerns that come with age is sagging eyelids, which is just as common as wrinkles and fine lines. Fat and skin can gather around the eyes when the muscles that support them atrophy with age. Some possible outcomes are droopy upper eyelids, sagging brows, and bags under the eyes.

Even though a plastic surgeon can correct drooping eyelids (แก้หนังตาตก, which is the term in Thai) with blepharoplasty, many prefer non-surgical methods.

What Causes Droopy Eyelids?

The majority of cases of ptosis are due to aging. Excess skin and sagging eyelids are signs of aging caused by a decline in collagen and suppleness. Smoking, excessive stress, and lack of sleep are all lifestyle factors that can hasten aging and cause ptosis at a younger age. Moreover, drooping eyelids can happen because of several medical issues, including stroke, glaucoma, or congenital ptosis, a disorder that is present from birth.

Three Approaches to Dealing with Bags

· Dermal Fillers

Restoring the volume and enhancing face features are the primary uses of facial fillers. You can use them to conceal under-eye bags and other symptoms of age by lifting the skin behind the eyes.

While you may notice some immediate results from the treatment, the filler may take up to two weeks to completely integrate with the surrounding tissues.

· Plasmatight

Another alternative is PlasmaTight, which doctors do with the Plasma IQ gadget. The plasma pen triggers the body’s innate healing mechanisms by safely inflicting tiny wounds with plasma energy. Skin tightens and lifts as it heals, producing more collagen and elastin to correct drooping eyelids. The effects will be noticeable immediately and only improve over the next eight to twelve weeks.

· Neurotoxin Injections

Cosmetic surgeons use neurotoxins like Botox and Daxxify for various reasons. When injected into the muscles surrounding the eyes, these Botulinum toxin injections relax them. Because the upper lid isn’t as heavy when you rest, you won’t see your brows sagging as much.

After three to six months, restocking these injections takes time. Minimal side effects may include injection site pain or transient bruising. For the sake of your safety, it is imperative that you only receive treatment from medical professionals whom the FDA has approved.

Finale Takeaway

Maintaining healthy eyes requires more than just these treatments; it also requires a regular skincare regimen. Improving skin texture and elasticity is possible using eye-area-specific products such as peptide-rich serums and moisturizing eye creams.

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