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Understanding the Differences of Giclee Printing and Traditional Printing

Capturing every detail and ensuring your art endures the test of time: that’s the dream for any artist or photographer. But when it comes to reproducing your work, the choice between traditional printing methods and giclee printing can feel daunting. 

While both methods create physical copies of an image, giclee printing offers a distinct advantage in terms of quality, colour accuracy, and archival properties. Understanding these distinctions empowers you to make an informed decision when it comes to giclee printing or canvas print wholesale in Australia.

Inks and Materials

Traditional printing methods, such as offset lithography, often utilise dye-based inks that are less expensive but can fade significantly over time, especially when exposed to sunlight. 

Giclee printing wholesale, on the other hand, employs pigment-based inks that are lightfast and resistant to fading. These archival inks create a richer colour spectrum, capturing the subtle details of the original artwork with remarkable precision. The paper or canvas used in giclee printing is also of superior quality, typically made from acid-free and archival materials to further enhance the longevity of the print.

Preserving Artwork Detail and Distinction

The meticulous nature of giclee printing extends beyond the inks and materials. High-resolution digital files are used to create a master file, ensuring the reproduction captures the original artwork in its entirety. 

Giclee printers utilise sophisticated inkjet technology with a wider range of colour cartridges, allowing for a near-perfect translation of the original piece’s colour palette. This meticulous approach results in a superior visual experience, with smooth colour gradients and a level of detail unmatched by traditional printing methods.


When considering canvas print wholesale, the archival quality of giclee prints becomes particularly significant. These prints are designed to resist fading and maintain their vibrant colours for generations. This makes them ideal for artists and photographers who want their work to be enjoyed for years to come, particularly for limited edition prints or valuable artwork. The investment in giclee printing translates into a higher perceived value for your artwork, potentially increasing its appeal to collectors and art enthusiasts.

Ultimately, the choice between giclee printing and traditional printing comes down to your specific needs and priorities. Giclee printing offers a clear advantage in terms of colour accuracy, longevity, and overall quality, making it the preferred choice for artists and photographers seeking the best possible reproductions of their work. For more information about giclee printing, visit PrinTribe at


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