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    Top IT Parks/SEZ in Hyderabad and Nearby PG Hostels in Gachibowli

  Hyderabad, India’s “City of Pearls,” is an IT hub. The city’s many IT parks and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) have attracted worldwide corporations and startups. Gachibowli is home to some of the best IT parks and SEZs in Hyderabad. For students and IT workers coming from other places, Gachibowli boasts several excellent accommodations with PG hostels. 


DLF IT park is one of the main reasons why people want to work in Gachibowli. It is now one of the most happening places to work in Hyderabad. With a very near metro station and tons of commute options, DLF offers easy and smooth travel. Alongside reputed tech companies in this SEZ, this is the most popular place for food courts and nightlife. 

  • Raheja Mindspace IT Park:

Raheja Mindspace IT Park is one of the major IT parks in Hyderabad, encompassing a broad area near Gachibowli. It is home to several well-known corporations, including Microsoft, Accenture, and Qualcomm. 

  • Cyber Gateway SEZ:

Another important IT cluster in Gachibowli is Cyber Gateway SEZ, which is home to famous companies like Deloitte, TCS, and Google. It draws IT specialists from all around the world due to its cutting-edge infrastructure and welcoming work atmosphere. PGO is a popular alternative for individuals working or interning at Cyber Gateway SEZ since it provides a pleasant and convenient stay.

PGO is one of the highly regarded PG hostels situated adjacent to the IT parks and SEZs in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. PGO offers a fantastic stay experience for professionals and students, with contemporary conveniences, comfy accommodations, and a thriving neighbourhood. The hostels in gachibowli provide well-appointed rooms, high-speed internet access, excellent meals, and a welcoming atmosphere. Because of its strategic position, it is easily accessible to major IT organisations, making it an excellent alternative for tech aficionados.

In conclusion, Gachibowli in Hyderabad has some of the top IT parks and SEZs. The best PG hostel accommodation app in this tech-driven region, Gachibowli, is PGO App for its easy use and handful of options. Its central location, contemporary facilities, and pleasant environment make it perfect for professionals and students.





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