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Todak Studio: The World of Private Massage for Women

1. What is 토닥이?

Todak Studio is a special space just for women. Like the beautiful expression of our culture, “pat-pat,” it serves as a place to comfort women’s physical and mental stress and concerns. Through professional massages and various programs for women’s body and mind balance, they pursue health, happiness, and tranquility.

2. The Philosophy of Service in 토닥이

With safety and trust as a top priority, 토닥이 offers services in a private space, along with the protection of customers’ privacy. All services are conducted with the consent of customers, and based on professional skills and knowledge, we try to provide healing experiences to women’s lives.

3. Guide to using Todak Studio

Here’s a quick guide to using Todak’s studio.

Booking: You can easily make a reservation through the website, and you can also make a reservation. If you

need to change your reservation, please let me know before the manager leaves.

Prepare: Make sure to dress comfortably before receiving service, and let us know if you have any special precautions or requests.

First Visit: On your first visit, you will receive the information you need at the reception and welcome you comfortably with aromas and music in the background.

Consultation: Through 1:1 professional consultation, we understand your needs and status and suggest customized services accordingly.

Start of Service: Provide personalized services based on consultations.

Break: Take a break after the service to share feedback.

Checkout: When you check out, you will receive a variety of promotional information and will also be notified of your next reservation.

a deep understanding of the studio

토닥이 Studio is a professional massage studio for women, and as its name suggests, it contains the meaning of warm comfort in our culture called ‘Todak Todak’. The studio wants to relieve various stresses and burdens in women’s daily lives through professional services.

4. speciality for women

Women’s physical and mental stress requires a different approach than men because of its nature. Todak Studio focuses on women’s bodies and minds and seeks balanced healing in their own special space.

Service expertise and safety

All services at Todak Studio are provided by professionally trained managers. And we put the safety and privacy of our female customers first, and we adhere to a thorough privacy policy.

Studio Guide Details

How to book: Reservations via the website are user-friendly, and phone reservations are also available. If you need to change the reservation time, please let me know before the service starts.

Service Ready: Please dress in the most comfortable clothes. Also, if you have any special precautions or requests, please let the manager know before the service starts.

Check-in process: On your first visit, you’ll receive a brief information at the reception and welcome customers comfortably with aromas and soft music in the background.

1:1 Professional Consultation: A thorough consultation is conducted to determine the client’s health status,

cause of stress, and expected outcomes.

Customized Service: Suggest and conduct personalized massage and programs based on consultation.

Rest and Feedback Time: After the massage, you can share your feedback over tea in a dedicated rest area.

Checkout: You will receive reservation information for your next visit with various promotional information.

5. A healthy lif`e with Todak’s

Designed for women’s health and well-being, the studio seeks to position itself as a partner to improve your quality of life. It provides professional solutions to women’s daily stress and health problems, and helps them live healthier and happier lives in the process.

Todak Studio provides women with the necessary massage and healing areas. Along with the detailed guide above, the experience in Todak’s studio will bring positive changes to women’s lives.


Todak Studio is a place where women do their best for their health and happiness. To make each customer’s precious time a special experience, we offer services based on expertise and know-how. Don’t miss the healing experience at Todak Studio, too.

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