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Tips for Success at a Live Auction

Live auctions are ‘bidding events’ that are conducted in real-time by a certified auctioneer. Live auctions take place when several individuals get together to compete with one another for a certain item. The highest bidder wins the item, with the auctioneer facilitating the auction and the bidders bidding in live increments (set by the auctioneer). A great (and thrilling) method to get some very interesting items is through live auctions. However, if you’re a newbie, it might be a little frightening. Have a look at Georgia auctions

What must be done before attending the auction?

Online previews of the goods up for bid can help you prepare for the auction and determine your budget. Be mindful of extra costs that might considerably affect the ultimate price of the item, such as the buyer’s premium (often ten percent), tax on sales, and charges for credit cards. To prevent regretful purchases, set a sensible spending cap and make certain that you spend on the product before leaving.

How to Prepare for an Auction

  • When you arrive, be sure to have your ID on you so that it may be used to obtain your bidder number.
  • Bring paper and a pen so that you can keep track of the items you bid on and how much you’re winning bid was. Sometimes it might be easy to lose track since everything is happening rapidly.
  • Sometimes, auctions can go on forever. At the auctions I’ve attended, food is typically available for purchase.
  • If you want to purchase something for resale to avoid paying taxes, bring your tax ID number!

How to Act After Arrival

Get your bid ID and a nice spot in the center of the throng before placing your bid at an auction. Search the room for objects you want to bid on, look for damage, and search box lots for hidden gems. Note the lot numbers for every product you are interested in purchasing.

How to Bid?

This is the easy and enjoyable part! The primary goal while bidding is to be visible to the auctioneer. People will exclaim “here,” nod, or point a finger when I just raise my number to bid. To let the auctioneer know you desire the item, almost any gesture will do. My main piece of advice is to not be hesitant when placing a bid and to ensure that the seller can see you. Even if you are eager to keep bidding, the object is gone once the auctioneer announces “sold.” In the world of auctions, there are no second chances.

Keep your things tracked

When the auctioneer declares an object “sold,” it transfers to a new owner. You own it if your offer is the highest. Unfortunately, it happens sometimes for an auction item to be lost or even stolen. You are nevertheless still liable for the cost. Make sure to record the prizes you receive.

Auctions are a ton of fun! They are also a fantastic spot to locate some incredible artifacts.

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