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The Distinction Between Push-Back and Drive-In Racking

Pushback racking is a gravity-fed, semi-automated storage system that, because of its cubic structure and many deep running lanes, may greatly expand a facility’s capacity for storing goods. Each load pushes the already-loaded pallet farther down the aisle. The built-in rollers help with this, and while retrieving pallets, the rollers and the structure’s modest incline enable the rest of the pallets to go ahead to the next location before stopping safely thanks to the built-in braking system. Pallet live racking, like the Heavy Duty Shelving Racks system, may also use the FIFO approach, which is used by push back racking. There are two access lanes, one on each side of the building, much as in a drive-through racking system. One is employed in the loading process, while the other is responsible for picking the pallets. Cold or chilling storage facilities might benefit from installing push-back stacking or plank live racking to boost storage capacity while decreasing the amount of human labour required. Pallet live racking & pushback racking are great for high-turnover products and getting things moving faster.

The Distinct Differences Between Drive-In and Mobile Racking

Mobile racking consists of regular pallet racks placed on wheels, which are then arranged side by side to provide a dense, cube-shaped storage area. A short-term access aisle may be created by opening the racks, however, only one aisle at a time is available for use. After a pallet has been put into or removed from a rack, the aisle may be closed either manually or electronically. The movable racking system is best for low-turnover commodities and wouldn’t work well in a high-volume setting, but it’s worth considering if things are chosen less often and you’re concerned about theft. Mobile racking is a popular choice for cold and frozen storage facilities because of its small footprint, which allows for more efficient use of the available space and cheaper storage costs.

Is Drive-In Racking Something That Could Work at Your Location?

  • You could find that drive-in racking is the best option if:
  • You need a huge increase in storage capacity, but you can’t afford to construct a whole new warehouse or move your current one.
  • You have a large number of pallets in storage that hold consistently low-turnover stock.
  • There is no need for stock rotation.
  • Cold or frozen goods are in stock, and you want to reduce your carbon impact by cutting energy use.
  • It is not necessary to have direct access to every pallet.

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