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Table Tennis Is An Excellent Workout To Keep Yourself Fit As A Fiddle

We must indulge ourselves in different kinds of sports. It makes our body healthy and strong. Table tennis is a sport that needs accuracy and dedication as you need to play the game on a small table. So concentration is required in order to play the game efficiently.

Why Do We Need Sports?

In Bangkok, people like to play table tennis and badminton as it’s an overall exercise for the body. In most cities, people are busy with their work, so they don’t have time to work out to spend time with their friends. Not only that, this artificial playground was created as there are hardly a few playgrounds for kids as many high rises have been constructed. So few clubs have made courts inside their premises where people have to pay to play to feel relaxed after a rigorous workload.

What Are The Benefits?

  1. You don’t need to carry your shoes as they will give their own to play the game.
  2. There is no age difference, so if you have enough stamina, you can play along.
  3. There is time bondage, as many are there for their chance to play. So they charge per hour. After 1 hour, you feel exhausted; a few book 2-hour slots as they practice regularly.
  4. No need to carry your bats or ball as they will supply you with those .
  5. There is a separate bathroom to wash up you, and all the facilities are inside it.


Table Tennis court in Bangkok maintain few regulations to avoid the commotion. As most people like table tennis, getting free courts takes a lot of work. If you are eager to play, you must book it a week before. You need to follow a specific dress code, and you must not cross the time limit; otherwise, they will charge you extra. There is a court for two players, so avoid bringing extra; it will create confusion.


Sometimes they also organize competitions, and anyone can take part in them. So experienced judges are hired, and they are going to assess on different grounds. Different Prizes are there, and they also select players for the national level. Experienced coaches are there to guide you meticulously. A few Table tennis courts in Bangkok are notable as they maintain proper hygiene and discipline to maintain a reputation.

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