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Spark Your Pilates Business: 8 Innovative Promotion Ideas to Captivate Customers

It can be challenging for Pilates studios to attract clients to stand out. Using digital marketing to attract new clients and run promotions can help you increase your reach. Learn how to improve your client base using different Pilates promotions.

Why you should run promotions at your Pilates studio

Pilates studios can benefit from various marketing ideas.

How to get new clients for your studio

Why you should run promotions at your Pilates studio

Fitness was among the industries that COVID-19 hardest hit. Many businesses are still trying hard to find new customers after being forced to close due to shutdowns. Gyms nationwide report that 60% of their clients have yet to return.

Many gyms began offering online classes during lockdowns related to pandemics. Clients have grown to appreciate the convenience and flexibility of working out from home or combining in-person courses with online ones. You’re also facing increased competition from people who can use intelligent machines at home and other fitness centres around you.

You can use a promotion to encourage people to return to their fitness routines. Promos can be a great way to increase your business and attract new customers. Customise your advertisement so that it benefits your target customers. Here are a few ideas that can help you decide where to begin.

Pilates studios can benefit from various marketing ideas.

  1. Offer a referral discount

Word-of-mouth marketing is still among all industries’ most influential and popular strategies. Encourage your current customers to invite their friends to the studio. Give current members a discount, or offer other incentives when they refer friends to the studio.

You could offer a permanent referral bonus or a limited-time offer to boost referrals. After you have decided on the terms and conditions of your referral, promote it using your social media and website. Inform members when they arrive to take a course.

  1. Challenge yourself

As a gym owner or manager, you’re likely aware of the challenge-style promotional campaigns often held around New Year’s Day. Fitness challenges are a popular Pilates marketing strategy encouraging customers to stick with you.

It’s okay to wait until December 31st for a fitness challenge. These challenges are prevalent anytime, especially in summer, when people wear more fitted clothing than baggy winter sweaters.

Studio Pilates, which has locations around the globe, organises several 30-day challenges each year. Each challenge comes with specialised programs, nutrition advice, and an app to allow users to do their workouts at home.

Offer a prize to encourage your clients to participate in a challenge.

Start your Pilates business in Mississippi.

Mississippi’s rich history and natural beauty offer a promising landscape for starting a Pilates business. Known for its warm hospitality and a strong sense of community, Mississippi presents an ideal environment to introduce the transformative benefits of Pilates to individuals seeking improved physical fitness and overall well-being. With its diverse population and a growing focus on health and wellness, Mississippi holds excellent potential for a successful Pilates venture, where one can foster a supportive and inclusive space for individuals to discover the joy of movement and achieve their fitness goals.

When evaluating the best strategies for safeguarding your business, including errors and omissions insurance in Mississippi is crucial as an essential component, offering vital protection against unexpected risks.

  1. Special classes are available

You are aware that all of your clients are not the same. Others may be more advanced, while others are taking your classes to strengthen their muscles following an injury. Some may be new to Pilates and would feel uncomfortable in a class with advanced students.

Offer special classes, such as Pilates for Athletes or “Mommy and Me” classes. Ensure your instructor knows how to modify moves for people recovering from an injury. Promote your special courses via social media or sponsored ads on Facebook or Instagram to attract students that fit your target demographic.

  1. Offer a trial that is free or at a discount

Customers will be more likely to respond positively to a Pilates promotion if they see the value of your offer. Offer a free membership for people to try out the class. Offer non-members free classes or days.

Wait to force samplers into signing up for memberships. Offer them a discount if they join within a specified time frame, but do not force memberships onto people just trying out your business.

  1. Giveaway

Giveaways are popular because people love to get things for free. Put together a package of merchandise and host a contest. They can offer an attractive prize if you want to partner with another business in your area.

Giveaways can boost your social media and bring people into the store. You can run the contest online and let people enter by liking and sharing content. Post content about your prize and include an invitation to join.

Club Pilates is a San Diego-based studio that regularly holds contests. The studio had a contest in June 2021 where new members could win a vacation to golf by attending a class for free.

  1. Host an event

You can connect with people new to town or want to meet their neighbours. Set up a space where people can meet after the class and offer a group class at a discount. Your studio can build a community in your area by connecting people with similar interests.

Use local SEO strategies to promote your event in your area. You can also use targeted social media posts. For enhanced visibility, consider posting a sponsored advertisement on Instagram or Facebook.

  1. Offer a punch-card

Some clients are loyal and attend every class. Others sign up for a class but have yet to return. They are unlikely to sign up for memberships but might come more often if given a punch card.

Flexibility in memberships, where people can pay for classes they don’t attend regularly but still get a discount on the total membership cost, will help you attract new customers and supplement your revenue.

  1. Tap into your email list

You should include email addresses on your registration form for anyone registering for a course. Include a checkbox that participants can use to join your email list. Send regular Pilates promotional emails to those on your list.

Send out informative and helpful information to your contacts on your newsletter list. Sending informative and valuable information to your communications in your newsletter list will help you vary your content. Share nutritional tips or motivational methods to motivate yourself to attend the studio weekly. You can build rapport with your entire list by communicating regularly.

Attracting new customers to your studio

You now know how to create an effective Pilates marketing campaign for your studio. Before you begin, ensure you know your goals and target audience. Select a promotional offer from the list based on your target audience. You can also talk to current clients to find out what they enjoy about your studio and tailor your promotion.

Promote your event or discount across all digital platforms, including your website, social media, and other online channels. Create posts highlighting the benefits of coming to your studio, and show your students having fun.

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