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Parks in Tacoma That You Can’t Miss

Some of Tacoma’s best parks are listed here.

Tacoma Chinese Reconciliation Park

In the midst of a severe uptick in anti-Asian violence, I found myself in Tacoma’s Chinese Reconciliation Park, which was built in the shadow of AAPI Heritage Month. Visiting parks allows me to get some fresh air, see some interesting things, have some fun, and learn about the environment and, in some cases, local history. I place a high premium on them because they provide a welcome respite from city life. 

Ruston Way Park

This two-mile stretch of beachfront is ideal for strolling, jogging, rollerblading, and fishing because to its picturesque views of Commencement Bay. Within the Metro Park, you can choose from seven different shoreline places, all of which are within a few minutes of one another and no more than a half-walk hour’s from Point Ruston. It would be easy to get trapped at any one of the park’s attractions, but there’s a lot of variety along the Ruston Way shoreline that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Waves Theme & Water Park

The state of Washington is home to only one theme park, but Wild Waves Theme and Water Park Tacoma combines both. The best outdoor water park in the region is located here, and we also have traditional theme park rides that the whole family will enjoy. Timberhawk Ride of Prey, a massive wooden roller coaster, and the 500,000-gallon Wave Pool make Wild Waves an amusement park no one should miss. 

Titlow Park

The park’s numerous tourists flock to the park’s large beach frontage and estuary lagoon. In addition to a sprayground, playground, and picnic areas, there are also tennis courts, basketball courts, playfields, paths, and more. The park’s focal point is the historic Titlow Lodge, previously the Hotel Hesperides, which was built in 1911.

Mount rainier national park Tacoma

People with vastly diverse worldviews came together to protect Mount Rainier’s spectacular landscape as a national park. Six years were spent lobbying Congress by a coalition of businessmen, scientists, teachers, mountain climbers, and ecologists to ensure Mount Rainier’s status as Mount rainier national park Tacoma

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