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Octopus energy referral code – A guide to sustainable savings

As energy costs keep climbing, numerous individuals are seeking methods to cut down on their monthly utility expenses. The great option is using an Octopus Energy referral code when signing up for an account. Octopus Energy is one of the newest and most innovative energy suppliers. By using a referral code, new customers get £50 credit on their account while also helping out the referrer. An Octopus Energy referral code is an incentive for new customers to sign up for an account. By switching and signing up using the code provided by an existing customer, a new customer will receive £50 in credit. The referrer also gets £50 credit when someone uses their code. 

When going through the sign-up process on the website, users are required to enter a referral code if they have one. The £50 will automatically be credited to the new customer’s account. It credit can be used towards energy bills in the first few months of service. The great thing about Octopus Energy Referral Code is that they are stackable. It means you enter multiple referral codes from different people and credit for each one. For example, if you get 3 different referral codes from friends to use when signing up, you’ll get £150 credit on your Octopus Energy account!

Tips to maximize savings with an energy referral code

Take advantage of switching incentives. In addition to the £50 credit from a referral code, Octopus Energy often offers additional incentives for new customers who switch, such as bill credits or free smart thermostats. Capitalize on these to maximize initial savings.

  • Bundle your services. Octopus Energy offers discounted electricity and gas bundles. Switching both services to them can help you save more. 
  • Go for a fixed-rate tariff. While variable Octopus Energy rates are very competitive, locking in a fixed rate tariff gives you price security as energy costs continue rising. Fixed rates apply for 12, 18, or 24 months.
  • Lower your energy use. It’s more cost-effective to use less energy. Octopus Energy’s online account tools allow you to track usage and get tailored tips on lowering it. Things like LED light bulbs, power strips, and insulation help.
  • Use the Octopus Energy app. The app makes managing your account and rewards simple. It offers extra incentives for energy-efficient behavior too!
  • Participate in the Octopus Energy rewards scheme. Called Kraken, this rewards loyal customers with points that can be used for bill credits, charity donations, and more.  
  • Refer friends and family. When people you know sign up with your referral code, you get £50 in free credit. Just a couple of family or friends cover a large chunk of many energy bills.

Using an Octopus Energy referral code is a great start to saving money on your energy. Combine it with the tips above to maximize savings, even as energy prices remain high. As a forward-thinking environmentally conscious enterprise, Octopus simplifies the process of diminishing your environmental impact while simultaneously lowering your expenses.

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