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Navigate The Joys And Responsibilities Of Newborn Care

Every parent in their lifetime indeed requires some help when it comes to looking after their newborn children. Especially with newborn children, it isn’t easy to maintain the sleeping and feeding cycle.

There is no doubt that you have been dreaming about your newborn baby for a month now. However, there are some challenges and struggles that you will be experiencing once your baby comes into the world.

Call The Care Provider

When you are actually all excited to welcome your newborn, you need to take care of the newborn as soon as possible. One must know that the newborn job (อาชีพ ใหม่ ใน ยุค 4.0, which is the term in Thai) that a mother would provide to the newborn during the new natal and prenatal period is extremely critical. It somehow plays a major role in the baby’s and the mother’s health. Due to this, the concept of newborn care happens to be one of the essential parameters.

Types Of Care

There happen to be different types of newborn care that you can provide to your child. Some of the parents look out for immediate care of the newborn. This comprises the care one provides to the baby during the birth in the labor room.

However, others prefer to take care of a newborn. It implies that the care of the baby that one requires to give in the postnatal ward. Even after discharge, people can choose to have newborn care.

Immediate Care That You Should Provide

If you opt for immediate care, you will definitely get the care that includes the following:

  • Establishment and maintenance of respiration, of the child and the mother
  • Ensure the providence of warmth
  • Prevention of infection
  • Provide proper care to the eyes
  • Taking care of the skin
  • Paying attention to the umbilical cord
  • Making proper documentation and observations
  • Making identification and transfer.

Later Care That Your Newborn Requires

When the baby is born, the caregiver has the training and experience to care for the child properly. From wiping the mouth to secreting the nose, everything is as easy as a breeze for them.

However, if you check the option of later care, you will know that the caregiver will help you take the baby to the postnatal ward. At the same time, it will be easy to maintain personal hygiene and prevent infection.

Additionally, you can also get some parental teaching from the caregiver.

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