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Level Up Your Bathtub Experience: Replace Your Outdated Bathtub Now

Welcoming the modern bathtub singapore with the high-end luxurious standing shape is what modern homeowners opt for nowadays. As a homeowner, upgrading your bathroom is one of the most rewarding investments. There are various ways to boost your bathroom, upgrading the bathtub has a huge impact.

Combination of bathtub and shower

Understanding the combo of a bathtub and shower involves recognizing the dual functionality as they combine the leisure of a bathtub with the convenience of a shower. These units maximize space in a bathroom and offer practical solutions for the home with a limited space. These bathtubs come in different sizes and styles, suitable for different bathroom layouts and personal preferences. The advanced design innovations make modern bathtub-shower combos include several features, such as:

  • built-in seats
  • adjustable shower heads
  • whirlpool jets

It enhances the overall bathing experience. These are ideas for those appreciating the option of both a quick shower and a relaxing bath.

Bathtub-shower combos design

When you design a bathtub-shower combo, you must consider several considerations that ensure functionality and safety, including aesthetic appeal. Today, bathrooms have leveled up and when you try to use bathrooms in hotels, you will notice how they have changed due to modernity.

Here are the factors to consider when opting for a bathtub-shower combo:

  • Space layout. Assess the dimensions of the bathroom to choose the combo that suits comfortably without crowding the space. You may also consider the placement of windows and doors for easy access and natural light.
  • Design and style. Choose a design complementing the overall bathroom decoration. The modern and sleek models fit contemporary spaces while the classic designs are better for traditional aesthetics.
  • Durability and materials. You can opt for materials durable, easy to clean, and resistant to mildew and mold.
  • Safety features. Incorporate the on-slip surfaces and easy-to-clean controls for enhancing safety, especially essential for the elderly and children.
  • Water efficiency. You may consider installing faucets and water-saving shower heads to lower utility bills and reduce water usage.
  • Shower-tub size and depth. Choose the size accommodating comfortable showering and bathing that keeps in mind the users’ needs. The deeper tubs are ideal for soaking and the shallower are better for easy access.
  • Lighting and ventilation. It ensures good lighting and ventilation to keep mold growth and maintain the visibility inside the bathroom
  • Storage solution. Niches or integrated shelves for toiletries keep essentials within reach and keep a clutter-free space.
  • Installation requirements. You should be aware of the plumbing requirements and ensure installation is feasible with an existing bathroom layout.

Design your bathtub-shower carefully consider the different aspects above to visually create a pleasing addition to the bathroom.

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