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Kitchen Upgrade 101: Different Types of Kitchen Sink

Planning to upgrade your kitchen, perhaps sinks are included. Kitchen sinks are essential fixtures, highly used worldwide. Yet, different parts of the world have different styles of kitchen sinks. The kitchen sink singapore comes in various materials, such as:

  • stainless steel
  • quartz
  • acrylic
  • stone
  • cast iron

The kitchen sink comes in various types, learn all of them here to know your preference.

Drop-In / Top Mount sink

The drop-in sink is the most common one, usually found in kitchen sinks. These can also be installed without the need for professional help. If this sink has a hole cut in the counter, you don’t have to have special skills for installation. Silicone is used for caulking the sink rim into the kitchen counter.

Undermount sink

The undermount sink is connected to the kitchen counter bottom. The lip of the sink is affixed to the underside and not on the counter’s edge. The sink is easier to clean without clogged kitchen sink issues. So, you don’t need to hire a kitchen sink plumbing repair.

Apron/farmhouse sink

An apron/farmhouse sink is a single type of sink, a large basin. These sinks are set up in the country style atop the freestanding table or cabinet top set against the wall. These sinks are in single-basin form.

Prep sink/ Island sink

The prep sink is smaller than the standard-size sink. An island sink can be set up as an auxiliary sink in the kitchen island for preparing meals. Island sinks are used in bars too. The bar sinks are in single-bowl form and can also be used on the kitchen island.

Interesting facts: the resale value of the home is enhanced with the prep sink or island sink.

Double basin/bowl sink

Double basin is the most popular style of sink, one side is used for washing and drying. Plus, it is a multi-purpose sink that can be set up in comparatively small kitchen areas. If you encounter a problem with the sink, you need to call for kitchen sink professional.

Double basin (low divider)

These are a blend of single-basin and double-basin sinks. It acts as a double-basin sink when one side is filled low with water.

When you have that old-style sink and want to do an upgrade, you can choose among the different types of sinks discussed here. There are also homeowners and commercial buildings with sinks that can do an upgrade to their properties for value purposes.

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