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Introducing The Best Alcohol Monitoring Device To Get A Better Sober Life

Soberlink is a mobile app that gives users rapid access to their own personalized BAC readings. A more open exchange of information on the results of efforts helps to strengthen relationships and expedite solutions to issues. Everyone is responsible for their actions since the final results reflect their contributions.

The accountability provided by Soberlink monitoring is crucial throughout the recovery process. Our staff regularly (three times daily) checks in with the young adult to see how they are doing in school and with their rehabilitation.


This device is very user-friendly in comparison to others of its kind. To use Soberlink, you need just complete the following:

  • A device’s power switch must be pressed in order to begin functioning.
  • To use the device, a mouthpiece must be placed inside.
  • When the blue light flashes, it’s time to hit the send button.
  • Put your mouth in front of the camera and blow into it for four seconds.
  • Listen for the machine’s beep to signal when you may stop blowing.

Your test results will be accessible to you in around 60 seconds. As soon as it’s done, the results will be available online. If you want to use the device properly, you must use the Soberlink mouthpiece. Don’t hide your face behind a hat or sunglasses if you want people to remember your face.

The Benefits of SoberLink

  1. When compared to other alcohol monitoring systems and tests, Soberlink has several perks and advantages. There are a few benefits of this device that can’t be found in any other comparable instrument.
  2. Rapid response. Both the recovering alcoholic and his or her loved ones may get instant feedback on how well the treatment is working.
  3. Fantastic writing. Soberlink is able to modify both the reporting method and the data that is included in the reports in order to fulfill the needs of each individual client.
  4. Facial recognition technology for authentication purposes. Using facial recognition technology, this screening tool makes it difficult to lie about who you are. No one within a few degrees of separation from you is allowed to sit in on the test for you.
  5. Technologies like Bluetooth and wireless networking. Soberlink may be used with one of two devices. There’s a mobile phone and a Bluetooth device (two in one).
  6. Separation and privacy for each person. Many reformed drinkers may feel uneasy about being tested. The fear of being judged negatively by others, even if the results aren’t catastrophic, may keep individuals up at night. A solution to this problem, thankfully, is available thanks to Soberlink, which offers a stealthy technique of detecting alcohol use.
  7. Convenience. The device and all of its extras come in a convenient kit. This set may be taken everywhere with you. Having one in the car or your handbag is a great idea for convenience.
  8. A whole team whose only purpose is to assist clients and see that their requirements are fulfilled. You may reach out to Soberlink’s support team at any time with inquiries or concerns regarding the service.

Now is the time to learn what others think about Soberlink by reading Soberlink reviews written by those who have already tried it.

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