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Important Chapters in Class 10 Science CBSE


In Science, students with a strong understanding of their topics and adequately prepared themselves can do well in the exams. The article’s important chapters in class 10 science CBSE is helpful for the students who are presently preparing for the board exams 2023. 


The key chapters in Class 10 Science include metals and non-metals,  chemical reactions and equations, acids, bases and salts, life processes, light: reflection and refraction, the human eye and the colourful world, our environment class 10 notes, how organisms reproduce, carbon and its compounds, heredity and evolution, the periodic table of elements, electricity, etc. 

Class 10 Science Syllabus 2022-23

Have a look at the CBSE important chapters 2022-23 as listed below-

Unit I: Chemical Substances – Nature and Behavior

Chapter- 1 Chemical Reactions

  1. Chemical equation
  2. Balanced chemical equation
  3. Types of chemical reactions

Chapter 2 Acids, bases and salts

  1. Definitions 
  2. General properties, neutralization, examples and uses, the concept of the pH scale
  3. Importance of pH
  4. Preparation and uses of Bleaching powder, Sodium Hydroxide, Baking soda, Washing soda and Plaster of Paris

Chapter-3 Metals & Non-metals

  1. Properties of metals and non-metals
  2. Formation and properties of ionic compounds
  3. Reactivity series
  4. Basic metallurgical processes
  5. Corrosion

Chapter-4 Carbon compounds

  1. Covalent bonding
  2. Versatile nature of carbon
  3. Homologous series
  4. Nomenclature of carbon compounds
  5. Chemical properties of carbon compounds
  6. Difference between saturated hydrocarbons and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
  7. Ethanol and Ethanoic acid, soaps and detergents.

Unit II: World of Living

Chapter-5 Life Processes

The basic concept of nutrition, respiration, transport and excretion in plants and animals

Chapter-6 Control and co-ordination in animals and plants

  1. Tropic movements in plants
  2. Plant hormones
  3. Nervous system
  4. Chemical co-ordination

Chapter-7 Reproduction

  1. Reproduction in animals and plants
  2. Safe sex vs HIV/AIDS
  3. Childbearing
  4. Women’s Health

Chapter 8 Heredity and Evolution

  1. Laws for inheritance of traits
  2. Sex determination

Unit III: Natural Phenomena

Chapter-9 Reflection & Refraction

  1. Reflection of light by curved surfaces
  2. Refraction of light by spherical lens
  3. Functioning of a lens in the human eye, defects of vision and their corrections, and applications.
  4. Refraction of light through a prism, dispersion, scattering and applications in daily life.

Unit IV: Effects of Current

Chapter-10 Electricity Ohm’s law; 

  1. Electric current, potential difference and electric current.
  2. Ohm’s law
  3. Resistance, Resistivity, and Factors
  4. Series combination, parallel combination and its applications
  5. Heating effect of electric current and its applications.
  6. Electric power
  7. The connection between P, V, I and R.

Chapter-11 Magnetic effects of current 

  1. Magnetic field
  2. Force on a current-carrying conductor
  3. Left-Hand Rule
  4. Direct current
  5. Alternating current
  6. Advantage of AC over DC
  7. Domestic electric circuits.

Unit V: Natural Resources

Chapter-12 Our Environment 

  1. Eco-system
  2. Environmental problems
  3. Waste production and their solutions
  4. Biodegradable and non-biodegradable substances

 The magnetic effect of electric current class 10 notes and other chapter study notes can help you to prepare better for your class 10 science board exam.


Make study notes, be inquisitive and practise regularly. Remember that consistent effort is necessary to do well in your CBSE exams.


  1. Is the board exam in 2023 MCQ based?

For the CBSE 10th Board Exams in 2023, there will be 40% MCQs, 20% competency-based questions, and 40% short/long answer questions in the question papers.

 2. How difficult is the 2023 science board exam?

If you are comprehensive with your preparation, then the CBSE board exam is not tough. Starting early will make it even easier for you.

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