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How to Host an Appealing Photo Contest on Your Blog

A photo contest is an eye-catching approach to attracting new readers to your site while strengthening relationships with your current audience. And, if your blog is centred on promoting a service or product you offer, this is an excellent approach to develop your brand messaging and increase sales.

Invoke That Photographer From Your Audience

Everyone secretly feels they are a fantastic photographer or have at least one good shot within them. A photo competition invites the public to contribute one or more pictures based on a specific topic or formal notion, such as “black and white” or “portrait.” Photo contests are ideal since everyone understands it and participating is simple. Even those who do not participate will enjoy your campaign’s visual effect (since a picture contest is a campaign). Hopefully, they’ll spread the word about your call for entries and the winning photographs.

On the other hand, organizing a competition takes a lot of work. Goodwill and hard hours alone will not make it a success: it is also critical to have a clear objective for the campaign and develop a strategy to achieve it. You can make your life easier by employing a third-party programme to handle the contest’s day-to-day operations.

What Are The Best Methods For Hosting Photo Contests On Your Blog?

So the first step is to explain why you’re holding the picture contest to yourself and your coworkers. It might be beneficial to summarise this in a single guiding phrase, and you can also create a list of more precise aims. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to have a competition:

  • To improve audience engagement.
  • To reach new audiences and boost the number of followers.
  • To publicize a product or news about your company.
  • To improve or redefine your brand’s image.
  • To increase revenue or create leads.

Making The Rules

It is critical to define the parameters of your contest from the start. Suppose you wind up dismissing dozens of competitors for ineligible entries or awarding the prize to someone who does not appear to have followed the rules. In that case, you will leave your audience with a negative impression. You might potentially face legal consequences.

The regulations will be presented as a brief and official rule list. You’ll want to be clear about the deadline and method for entering, when the winner(s) will be notified and what the judges will look for in each shot. If your target audience is broad, pick a topic that doesn’t need a lot of resources but instead focuses on developing an original concept. You should also specify what equipment participants must utilize. Is this a DSLR competition, or are you seeking the most incredible smartphone photos? Offering your rewards, such as one of your goods or a unique experience relating to your business or sector, is an excellent approach to market what you do. Having a high-profile sponsor provide a reward boosts the legitimacy of your contest. Working with a sponsor is an excellent option to expand your reach and audience since you can use the sponsor’s power.


Use social media to update people on the procedure’s status and urge your followers to spread your entry call. It is critical to evaluate the performance of your campaign and determine what you would do differently the next time. Did you acquire the necessary hits? Did you gain more followers? How many new leads have you generated? Does your audience now have a better understanding of what you do? Let’s do it again; perhaps your site will become recognized for its fantastic photograph contests!

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