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How To Calculate Damages for Personal Injury in Boston

For those who are navigating the legal process for the first time, it can get rather difficult to understand what the actual damages are and how you can quantify them, even when some of the damages are not quantifiable. This is where a lawyer at Turco Legal, P.C., can step up to make the entire process easier. 

The personal injury lawyer will also strive to protect you so that the insurance company cannot try to lowball you. 

Calculating the damages:

It is common knowledge in Boston that there are generally only three kinds of damages that are available. These damages include economic, non-economic, and punitive. If you decide to self-represent your case in court, it will be quite easy to figure out how much expense you have to bear for the medical costs and bills. 

However, that will not be easy in case there are other damages as well that can be assessed in terms of how much money you had to spend or lost. These damages, in simple words, are called non-economic damages. 

The fact that there are no set guidelines given by the state to evaluate how much a person loses in terms of non-economic damages, it gets all the more challenging to come up with a number on your own. In such situations, personal injury lawyers can come in very handy, as this is what they do on a regular basis. 

If you are pretty much in a similar situation and do not know your way forward with the claim, do not hesitate to get professional help. Your lawyer will take into consideration everything from the bills you had to pay, to how much you are suffering in other aspects of your daily life to get you the right compensation. 

Final thoughts:

To calculate the damages, the first thing your lawyer will probably do is ask you to bring all the documents and bills you have after the first consultation. After listening to your whole situation and going through all the records, they can ascertain the amount you can get. 

In terms of evaluating the non-economic damages, your lawyer might refer to previous cases with similar situations to figure out how much one can get for non-economic damages. If you have any other questions, you should get in touch with a Boston personal injury lawyer without hesitation.

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