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Home Moving Tips To Make Your Move Easy

You’ve picked the house, set the date, picked up the keys. Now the fun begins- but where do you start? Whether you’re moving interstate or just up the road, moving house can be a challenging logistics operation. Moving companies do this every day so we’ve drawn on our experience as interstate removalists and we’ve put together some practical tips to help you with a smooth and stress-free move.

Prior planning is essential

Get started early. This is not the time for a “she’ll be right” approach. When it comes to moving, just a little bit of planning goes a long way. Start packing early- your house is full of things you don’t use every day. Consider whether you need an interstate removalist or any other services such as cleaning or pet transportation that need to be booked in advance. Call the utilities companies a week or two ahead to ensure everything will be connected on time at your new residency. No one wants a cold shower after a long day of lugging boxes!

Now is the time for a cleanse

Rather than throwing things in boxes without a thought, take a long hard look at each item. When did you last use it? Are you likely to use it? Do you really need to take that unicorn onesie with you on your interstate move? Make three piles- keep, rehome/recycle, bin- and get ruthless. Future you will thank you when it comes time to unpack!

Utilise self-packing boxes for your move

It’s well worth purchasing quality moving boxes- especially for large or interstate moves. It will simplify the process and potentially save you money. The right sized boxes ensure they won’t be packed too heavy and items aren’t too loose. Good quality boxes won’t break and will withstand the journey. Consistent box sizing will make it much easier to maximise space in a moving container or truck.

Embrace the labels

Your marker is your new best friend- get to labelling everything clearly. Take the “for dummies” approach so you don’t find yourself guessing later. Label each box considering the following:

  • What’s in the box?
  • What room is it to go to?
  • Is it fragile?

Fragile items should be very clearly marked. This helps both you and your removalist during and after the move.

Consider children and pets

Consider calling in a friend to assist or hiring childcare or pet-sitting services on the day to ensure children are entertained and pets aren’t anxious. This will make the move easier for everyone.

Pack essentials separately

Toiletries, coffee, phone charger- the things you can’t live without need to be easily accessible on the first day or two after moving in so that you aren’t rummaging blindly through boxes to find what you need. If you’re moving long distance or moving interstate, take these items in your car to ensure they are available to you immediately on arrival.

Pre-order grocery basics

Get onto the Woolworths or Coles website a few days before you move and arrange for your pantry staples to be delivered on move-in day so that your pantry is stocked, and you’re not left trying to prepare a meal after a long day of unpacking only to find you’re missing essentials.

Redirect your mail

There’s nothing worse than completing a big move and then realising you aren’t getting your mail- especially if you have moved interstate. Head to the post office 10 days before your move to have your mail redirected to the new address. Then you can contact each company or contact as your redirected mail arrives to update your address.

Hire a professional moving company

Movers in Australia handle big and small moves across short and long distances all the time. They know how to pack and transport your most precious items safely and efficiently. You may be surprised by how affordable it is to hire a removalist, especially for interstate moves. At You Pack Removals, their interstate removalist services will save you both time and money.

We hope our moving tips have helped you in planning your next local or interstate move and we wish you the best in your new home.

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