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Helpful Tips To Move Cars Across The State Lines

Moving to another state sounds exciting, but there is the concern about transportation, especially your car. There is a lot of information circulating across the internet associated with how to transport a car across state borders. The result you get can make you feel overwhelmed. However, the first thing to cut the chaos is to consider crucial things to domestically ship your car to the US.

  • How to ship the car – rail or truck?
  • Do you have the necessary ownership documents or car transport rights?
  • Does the destination state have specific regulations?
  • Do you need extra insurance for car protection during transit?
  • Do you need to engage a reliable and established vehicle transport company?

Car transportation across the state border is time-consuming, especially if not done correctly. Several car owners randomly call a car transport company, which sounds hypothetically simple but is not.

Helpful tips to move a car across the state border

  • Car shipping by rail is fast  but expensive, so it is wise to choose a reliable car shipping company.
  • Car shipping in an open truck is a common and cheapest alternative, but your car is exposed to outdoor elements on the road.
  • Car shipping in an enclosed truck is costly but adds a protection layer.
  • Do it yourself driving is out of the question. You don’t desire to drive 2600 miles, which takes more than 40 hours and the cost can accumulate making this more expensive.
  • The things that influence the transportation cost will be shipping method, distance, car size, turnaround time, and fuel rates.
  • Keep documentation like the car’s original title & registration, the bank’s notarized letter if the car has a loan, valid car insurance proof, and ID before the shipment.
  • The car shipping companies need to legally carry some minimum insurance, which covers damage costs for a majority of vehicles. If you are a shipping collector or a high-end car then upgrade your vehicle coverage to be on the safe side. Accidents are inevitable and unpredictable.
  • Take photos of the car and record scratches and dents before shipping. It helps in case of potential damage during transit.
  • Reputable shipping companies refuse to transport a car if it has clutter filled. It needs to be empty. So, remove personal belongings, disable the alarm, check the car battery & tires, wash the car, take pictures of scratches [helpful during pickup inspection& after delivery inspection] and then only hand the key to the carrier driver.
  • Just keep the tank fuelled up to 1/4th because it can add to the overall weight of your car.

Ship a Car, Inc. has three decades of experience managing vehicle shipments domestically or across state borders. To read more about how to move a car across state lines read their blog at –

How to save dollars while moving a car across the state line by hiring a Car Transportation Company?

  • Open air carrier leaves your car exposed to dust, debris, and other weather elements but allows saving lots of money.
  • The car transport company offers clients to choose a pickup and drop-off date. Be flexible in choosing the date, so you can avoid the high prices during busy days. For example, summer means high demand for car shipping, which can influence transportation cost.
  • Get several auto transport quotes from reputable companies and compare.

If you still feel concerned, then call an experienced and established car transport company!

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