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Guide to steel pipes: 7 Common uses and purposes

Steel pipes are not a new invention. These exist for centuries and are presently used in various companies. Most people have misconception about steel pipes restricted to only construction projects. Other than construction projects, there are many other uses of steel pipes. This article is dedicated to the common uses and purpose of steel pipes. Some details are extracted by experts from reputed manufacturing companies like Stealth Pipe and Steel.

Another benefit of using steel is the durability, easy installation, and customized sizes. If you are confusing between making a choice, then you must know the common uses and purposes of steel pipes.

7 Most common uses of steel pipes:

  1. Construction projects:

Steel pipes are durable and resistant to heat, rust, corrosion, and water. Commercial and residential projects need steel pipes in bulk. These are majorly used in plumbing, drainage system, electrical system, and more…

  1. Shipping industries:

Shipping industries make a great option for ship building. As steel can withstand high pressure, shocks, weight, and vibrations, these are majorly used by shipping companies. Moreover, these are also used in boilers, pressure systems, and super heaters.

  1. Textile industries:

The durability and versatility makes steel pipes a great choice for textile industries. These are majorly used in the production of carding machines, spinning machines, texturing machines, mixers, and more…

  1. Oil and gas industry:

Steel pipes are ideal for using in low and high temperatures and also under high pressure conditions. Thus, the oil and gas industry demands steel pipes in bulk. These are hold up pressure and perform needs of oil and gas industry.

  1. Industrial applications:

Steel pipes are a popular choice in manufacturing industries. Due to their rust-proof and anti-corrosion nature, these offer a lifetime company in industrial applications.

  1. Agricultural industry:

Steel pipes make a better choice in agricultural fittings. Some agricultural units mix steel with carbon to get a perfect balance of lightweight and sturdiness. Farmers also use these in applications, field drainage, fertilizer process, vent pipe systems, tractor engines, etc…

  1. Other applications:

A few more applications where steel pipes are used are in power plants, chemical facilities, water treatment, energy industries, modern architecture, and more…


Now that you know the rising demand of steel industries, take a look at some recommended brands like Stealth Pipe and Steel. Check the quality, price, features, durability, and maintenance before finalizing your order with the company.

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