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Got a New Transfer Maid? 6 Vital Tips to Set Her Up for Success

The search for a new maid in Singapore often leads families to consider hiring a transfer maid – a domestic helper who is transferring from another employer. With an estimated 247,000 foreign domestic workers in Singapore, transfer maids are a big part of the landscape. They offer families an experienced helper ready to start immediately.

However, hiring a transfer maid also comes with unique considerations. Here are 6 key tips to successfully set up your new transfer maid for the win:

Onboard with Clear Communication

Don’t assume your new transfer maid will intuitively understand your preferences and household procedures. Be clear, thorough and patient in explaining how you do things. Review expectations for duties, schedules, household rules, etc. Also, ask the transfer maid to share her previous experience and discuss any adjustments needed. Open communication from the start prevents confusion.

Get to Know Her Personally

Make an effort to build rapport with your new transfer maid by learning about her as a person. Chat with her about her family, interests, future goals and more. When she feels seen and valued as an individual, it stimulates engagement and loyalty. Small talk matters, so take time to connect.

Inspect and Organize Her Documents

Compile, review and organize important documents like her passport, work permit, contracts and bank accounts. Make copies and explain relevant info like employment terms, salary details, days off and leave eligibility. Knowing her documentation rights and status empowers her.

Shadow Her Work Initially

Don’t leave your new transfer maid to figure everything out alone from day one! Allocate time in the first weeks to explain and demonstrate your cleaning, laundry and other household systems. Shadow her work to coach techniques tailored to your home and monitor her grasp of tasks.

Be Patient About Productivity

It takes time for anyone to get fully up to speed in a new role. As your transfer maid learns your preferences, don’t expect her to be instantly 100% productive. Allow a few weeks or longer for her to reach peak efficiency. Evaluate performance fairly after she has fully settled in.

Check In Regularly About Adjustment

Changing employers is a big transition for transfer maids. Consistently check in about how she is adjusting to your family, home and neighbourhood. Is she feeling welcomed and supported? Identify any issues early so they don’t escalate. Proactively address concerns and demonstrate you care.

Hiring a transfer maid? Approach onboarding with empathy, patience and care. Follow these tips to get your helper off to a great start! When she feels respected and set up for success, it kicks your employment relationship off on the right foot for the long run. Invest time upfront and enjoy an outstanding transfer maid who thrives.

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