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DS Group Museum- Explore the Journey of DS Group and Its Core Values

The Journey, a corporate museum by the DS Group, is a one-of-a-kind initiative to illustrate the rich heritage of the leading FMCG through a multimedia experience. Continue reading to know more. 

DS Group’s story, now a leading FMCG conglomerate with a strong national and international presence, exemplifies the power of perseverance and persistence. What started as a small shop in the bylanes of Chandni Chowk, New Delhi, in 1929 is now a global conglomerate and home to many of India’s favorite brands, including Pass Pass, Pulse, Tulsi, BABA, Catch, Chingles, Fru, L’Opera, Ksheer, and many more. 

And what better than a museum to demonstrate the inspiring story? Aptly named ‘The Journey’, the DS Group Museum in New Delhi is spread over 10,000 square feet. It offers a unique multimedia experience depicting the company’s exhilarating success story. Here are some of the highlights of this one-of-a-kind corporate museum-

The Origin of DS Group

The Journey is a narrative storytelling museum with installations depicting the past, present, and future of the DS Group. One of the museum sections is a creative re-enactment of Chandni Chowk, where the company’s founder Dharampalji established a small trading enterprise in 1929. There’s also a pre-programmed show which takes the viewers to the India of the 1970s when the DS Group launched its flagship product ‘BABA.’ 

It uses a combination of archival materials, VFX, holographic projection, realistic cutouts, mannequins, and lightning to create an immersive visual experience. The melodious background music rounds up the proceedings, allowing visitors to witness the heritage the company has continued to preserve.  

The Forest of Fragrances

Forest of Fragrance is a conceptual holding area at the Dharampal Satyapal Corporate Museum to illustrate the company’s soul, which resides in fragrances and flavors and continues to be the USP of its core products. The haze-filled ambiance, soothing soundtrack, and colorful illustrations perfectly showcase the eight vital fragrances and flavors. 

Walking through the Forest of Fragrance, visitors get to see how this bedrock of fragrances and flavors has helped the DS Group create innovative products across categories and gain a competitive edge. 

360° Corporate Experience

Dharampalji’s sons Satyapalji and Premchandji held onto their father’s vision to build an organization that lays equal emphasis on tradition and innovation. The Dharampal Satyapal Corporate Museum features a cyclorama or a 360°projected film that tells DS Group’s story through modern technologies, including a kinetic floor, special effects, live shoots, and CGI. 

The film recreates the inspiring Journey of DS Group’s founders, the inception, the downfall, the revival, and the reincarnation of the company and how it became what it is today. 

Witness a Corporate Story Like No Other at DS Group’s ‘The Journey’ Museum

The Journey Museum is the perfect tribute to the rich culture and heritage of the DS Group. The inspiring history of over 90 years is creatively presented throughout the museum with the help of innovative technologies to provide visitors with a lifetime experience. 

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