Your Must Have Fall Shoe Every Emmy Celeb Will Be Wearing

Shoes are life. Can you hear me? SHOES are life. Okay say it enough times until its engrained in your brain, fashionista.

No seriously though, I absolutely love shoes.

It’s no wonder my love for fashion started there. Not only do shoes they change the way you walk, they can change the way you feel. They can change an outfit, and often times my outfit starts right there: a killer set of shoes.

Companies however are not always eager to allow my clients to borrow shoes so when I came across Venéy Couture this Emmy season, I was all too excited to reach out and have her shoes strutting on my clients.

Designer Nakeesha was an absolute doll to talk to and of course we bonded over motherhood. How she has the time to create a shoe empire while taking care of three munchkins is beyond me but I’m glad she does. Her designs and shoes are original and perfect for this coming Fall ’17 season.

“The shoes I create are so fierce no other garment is necessary.”- Nakeesha

Veney Couture- Stella- $129

Veney Couture- “Royalty”- $130.00

Veney Couture- “Queen Kobra”- $132.00

Veney Couture- “Viktoria”- $79.20

Veney Couture- “Wine” Maroon- $76.00

I’m dying over the red lace up boots which are rightfully named Stella. However, I must say I love them all and my clients love them too. #lifeofacelebritystylist #shoegameisobviouslystronghere

If you want to follow along with my journey as a celebrity stylist and see other shoe designers I may fall in love with on my journey, check me out at @stylebyquilo on Instagram.

You wont regret it! 😉

Which style/shoe is your favorite? What shoe will you be wearing this fall?

Comment below!

Christina Koop

Author: Christina Koop

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  • Victoria Henderson

    These are some super sexy shoes! ❤️ I might have to snap up a few of these bad boys!

  • Yes they are gorgeous! Right? Get them while they are a good deal too! <3