Lets Scream For Nice Cream!

Hello everyone! It feels like summer has officially began the sun is shinning and the warm nights are starting to roll in. 

I love ice cream just as much as the next person, BUT I love nice cream even more! Your prob thinking, “what is this nice cream she speaks of?” Well it’s a healthy alternative to ice cream and you can make it what whatever fruit your little tummy is craving.

For this weeks post I decided to share my strawberry, coconut cashew nice cream recipe. It’s filled with good for you ingredients and packed with protein to keep you satisfied. This recipe is so clean that you can even have nice cream for breakfast after a workout!

Now I make my nice cream with a vita mix and set it to the “frozen” dial. You can make this with any blender though!

For the base grab a plant based milk my milk of choice lately has been cashew milk. Measure our 1/2 cup and pour it into your blender.

Next grab your frozen fruit of choice in my case I use strawberries about 1cup and 1/2 of a frozen banana.

I threw in 1tablespoon of perfectfit coconut protein and then I blended it all up. Your mixture is going to be extremely thick so your going to have to move it around a bit or if your blender isn’t moving at all just add a little more milk. 

Once your mixture is well combined scoop it out into your bowl and place it into the freezer.

While your nice cream is setting (5-10mins)

You can get all your topping ready! This is when  I roast up my cashews, get out my quinoa puffs and coconut flakes to add on top. You can also cut up some fresh fruit!

All that’s left to do is is grab your nice cream out of the freezer, throw on those delicious toppings and enjoy!

I hope you all enjoy this recipe. You can find me on Instagram @fashionstylefoodie and @thecovetedfoodie


Christina Koop

Author: Christina Koop

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