What is Cellulite- Tips to Seriously Bust It Up!

Okay so we are going to talk the elephant in the room right now.



Every woman and even some men are deathly afraid of seeing cellulite come up on the backs of your legs, your arms, stomach, post pregnancy, etc.

We also know that certain products truly are all gimmick driven and the brands behind the products just want your money. We have tried numerous cellulite products and not a single one has proven efficient in any way, shape or form. (If you know of any product that TRULY helps, leave a comment! Because odds are it solely on its own will not bust up cellulite!)

We sought out techniques to bust cellulite up and ways to avoid getting more.

#1 Stair Climber


Doing ten-fifteen minutes on the stair climber daily can really help firm and tone your thighs (cellulite driven areas) as well as firm your calves. Keep to this exercise and you will see a noticeable difference.

#2 Avoid Processed Foods


Healthy eating is a lifestyle and in order to reap the benefits of foods that are good for your body, mind, and soul you have to live that lifestyle. All in moderation with any processed foods, however, the main focus should be fruits, veggies, and lean meats. Do not allow more than one cheat day a week.

#3 Drink Lots of Water


Water is the best way to filter your insides of bad toxins and impurities. Drink lots of water and it will help avoid fat build up and assist in fat break down. This is especially true for cellulite prone areas of the body.

#4 Get your sleep


Sleep is such a crucial factor to your health. Getting regular quality sleep helps build up endurance as well as decrease cellulite and diminish it. It is true what they say about beauty sleep. Getting enough z’s truly will boost circulation, aid in prevention of heart disease, and much more.

Is anyone truly concerned about cellulite? Which tip’s will you do to prevent cellulite or break it down?


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