Wear Makeup with PRIDE

‎️🌈 Hello loves! Since it’s Pride Month, I figured I’d highlight(lol) some of the incredible LGBTQ+ makeup artists & influencers slaying the makeup world. ‎️

Nikita Dragun‎️ 🌈

Also known as Mother Dragun, Nikita is a 21 year old transgender woman(pronouns she/her) with a very successful YouTube channel(601k subscribers) as well as her Instagram(1.3m followers).

Gabriel Zamora‎️

As the first male artist to sign with Ipsy, Gabriel(pronouns he/him) is a 24 year old YouTuber(198k subscribers) and is well known for his Instagram(315k followers).

Wesley Benjamin Carter‎️🌈

Wesley(pronouns he/him) is a 20 year old male makeup guru, Youtuber(60k subscribers) and social media influencer known for his Instagram(116k followers)

Muva Doll(aka poeticdrugs)‎️‍🌈

Known as the King of Highlight, Muva(pronouns he/him) is a 20 year old makeup artist known for his Instagram(86k followers).

James Charles‎️‍🌈

As the first male face of Covergirl, he has gained a lot of attention in the beauty community. James(pronouns he/him) is a Youtuber(1.2m subscribers), beauty guru and social media influencer known for his Instagram jamescharles(2.1m followers).

Alex Chaudior‎️‍🌈

Alex(pronouns she/her) is a transgender woman, beauty guru and social media influencer from Belgium known for her Instagram(174k followers) as well as her YouTube channel(59k subscribers) where she is documenting her transitioning experience.

Bretman Rock‎️‍🌈

Bretman(pronouns he/him) is an 18 year old beauty guru, Youtuber(1.4m subscribers) and comedian from the Philippines(relocated to Hawaii) who is well known for his Instagram(8.2m followers). He initially gained a following from Vine(RIP).

Jesse Arreola‎️‍🌈

Jesse is a beauty guru known for his Instagram(18k followers) as well as his YouTube(4k subscribers).

Billy Huynh‎️‍🌈

Billy(pronouns he/him) is a Youtuber(8k) and makeup guru known for his Instagram(47k followers).

Gabriel Rios‎️‍🌈

Gabriel(pronouns he/him) is a male makeup guru and Youtuber(15k subscribers) and is known for his Instagram(57k followers).

Jony Sios‎️‍🌈

Jony(pronouns he/him) is a beauty guru, social media influencer and Youtuber(41k subscribers)know for his Instagram(568k followers).

Anyone I left out you’d like to show some love as well? Let me know below!


Grace Michelle

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