Unicorn Smoothie

The Unicorn Frappuccino craze got real last week. You couldn’t scroll down your Instagram without seeing this colorful creation. Let get real though, Starbucks made a killing on a beverage because it was pretty and had a fun name, but how did this magical beverage actually taste! We’ll let’s just say I had a sip and it was basically what you’d expect 🦄💩 to taste like.

I’m not going to lie to you guys I purely got this drink for that gram shot -so basic I know- but I had to give it at least one sip and then off to my friend it went. Here’s the deal not only is this drink loaded with sugar and carbs it’s full of processed ingredients too. After I took that sip it got me thinking why not create a healthy version, something that looks just as pretty, but taste delicious. That’s when I decide to make my own version of the unicorn Frappuccino, a healthier version which I have now dubbed the “Unicorn Smoothie”, and trust me this is a magical drink that you’ll actually want to finish.

What you’ll need for this mystical recipe is:

Frozen blueberries and raspberries

Fresh blue berries

MCT oil or brain octane

Protein powder

Coconut milk

Coconut cream*

Maple syrup

Pure vanilla extract

For the coconut cream you’ll need a can of full fat coconut milk, I like the one from Trader Joe’s. Put it in your refrigerator overnight to let the cream separate from the water and to solidify. 

Coconut cream recipe: 

First and most importantly don’t shake the can! Open it up and scoop out all the solid coconut leaving the water aside. Place it into a blender or a bowl and add:

1 tablespoon of pure maple syrup

1 tsp of pure vanilla syrup

blend it up or use a hand mixer to mix it until well combined (about 5-10mins). Once it’s ready just set it aside.

Raspberry layer of our Unicorn Smoothie:

1/2 cup of frozen organic raspberries

1/2 cup of coconut milk

1/2 Tbls of coconut cream

1/2 Tbls of brain octane or MCT oil

1/2 Tbls of protein powder

Blend blend blend-Blend until you have a thick and creamy consistency- I like mine to almost resemble soft serve ice-cream.

Once its done, add about 1/3 of it to your cup then add a thin layer of the coconut on top and a layer of blueberries.

Now for our next magical smoothie layer – Blueberry:

*no need to wash your blender the red with the blue will make a pretty purple color

1/2 cup of frozen organic blueberries

1/2 cup of coconut milk

1/2 Tbls of coconut cream

1/2 Tbls of brain octane or MCT oil

1/2 Tbls of protein powder

After your done blending it up add about 1/3 of it to your cup with another thin layer of the coconut on top and another layer of blueberries. Then take some more of your first raspberry layer and put it on top. I topped mine of with toasted coconut flakes, but you can add whatever topping you’d like!

I hope you enjoy recreating this unicorn smoothie and head over to my Instagram @fashionstylefoodie to see other recipes I’ve created!


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Christina Koop

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