“The Beauty Of Turmeric On The Skin”

We constantly have been hearing tons of rave reviews about turmeric, its health benefits, and its benefits for your body internally. However, ever wondered about the benefits it offers for your skin?

Well, we discovered there are so many!

Turmeric is known to boost skin and offers great skin superpowers that have been used for centuries by South Asian beauties, traditionally before weddings to flaunt fabulous fresh faces.


Turmeric is also known to eliminate over production of oil in the sebaceous glands of the skin as well as balance the skin’s Ph and oil balance, overall.

Question: Where do we find a great product with turmeric in it that will actually prove efficient for my skin? I am oily/combination and need a bit of skin brilliance in my life.

Answer: We got just the right product for you, and we all can not stop raving about it.

YLLO Scrub is a beautiful turmeric based scrub that can be applied in as few as five minutes and offers so many nutritious benefits for your skin. The scrub is naturally colored and is a true representation of organic and true beauty benefits for the skin.

Our Beauty Team went to testing the product and discovered the following benefits:

  1. Acne/Rosacea went down
  2. Treated oily skin and reduced oil production
  3. Very gentle and calming exfoliation

Check out our experience below!

Videography: Sarah Shahryar of Sleek Hair

Product: YLLO Scrub 

Models: Beauty Editor: Ypani Guererro and Akeila Jacobs

MUA: Editor in Chief: Christina Matheis

Makeup: L.A. Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer provided by Sleek Hair 

Brushes: Morphe Brushes provided by Sleek Hair 

Christina Koop

Author: Christina Koop

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