The Terrarium Eye Trend

Spring and Summer time just shouts FLOWERS. It is when everything becomes brighter and a lot more colourful which is when I think everybody feels a lot more upbeat. Do you not just love it when you see beautiful delicate flowers slowly growing in your garden, knowing that when they are in full bloom, it was fully worth the wait. I have always been a big lover of flowers. I am one of those (yes I am guilty) who would be out for a walk and would then have to stop dead in my tracks to get that perfect instagram shot of a cluster of flowers. I have also always admired florists; walking into a room bursting with fresh multicoloured flowers has always been something I relish. My utter love for Spring and makeup is what got me experimenting with the two and before you know it the terrarium eye trend was a thing.

This trend entails of real flowers and leaves being arranged and applied around the eye area with a variety of eyeshadows, glitter, paint and even gloss to add texture. These three-dimensional eye looks would be gorgeous for editorial shoots, runway, festivals or even just to purely stare at on social media. I started creating these eyes just for my instagram and loved sharing my flower fuelled ideas with my followers.

The smaller flowers work best for these looks, even though this means more fiddly, the smaller detail really makes the terrarium eye what it is. Some of my favourite flowers to use are forget me nots and gipsofila as they are so delicate and subtle. I also rip bigger flower petals such as rose petals into small pieces and arrange them around the eye. What is great about this trend is that the creativity that goes into the look can be limitless; with the amount of flowers there are in the world you can never run out of fresh inspiration. When starting the creative process I like to choose the flowers I am going to use first and then base the rest of the eye around the flower. Looking at the flowers size, colour and texture I then gain a picture in my mind of what I want the overall look to be.

What is great about this trend is that the looks are not needing a high budget to be able to create them: one or two eyeshadow colours, some paint if you are wanting to incorporate some paint splatters and the flowers – which can either be bought from a florist for a really reasonable price, all you would need is one stem for a look which is a really cheap way to get specific style flowers – or even better, have a look to see which pretty blooms are growing in your garden or even at your local woodland. There is lots of stunning nature all around us which can be so inspiring for art.

I love the fact that you can create art using makeup, when I create my terrarium eyes I very much see it as more of a creative art practice than just ‘doing makeup’. I find experimenting with different textures and materials other than just using make-up products really enables you to push your makeup looks a lot further.

What do you think of this terrarium eye trend… would you rock up to a festival with your besties rocking flower eyes instead of  flower crowns? Can you see this trend on the runway? Or perhaps you think it is a trend that is not practical but perfect for the world of instagram. Let us know your thoughts!



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Christina Koop

Author: Christina Koop

Christina is a fun loving, trend oriented millennial with an eye for trend spotting and digital marketing. In her spare time, she is usually found with friends, reading the next marketing tech book, or simply with her husband relaxing and enjoying all that life has to offer her in NC.