Summer Skin

Hello loves! With those hot summer days coming up, protecting your skin is a must. From skincare to makeup, today I’m giving you all the tips you need to know for the summertime.

Summer Skincare:

• The number one tip for skincare in the summertime ESPECIALLY if you live in or are travelling to a hot climate – WEAR.YOUR.SUNSCREEN. Not only does it protect your skin from harmful rays, but it also provides nourishment to the skin.

• Since it can get quite hot, opt for a moisturizer that’s lightweight & oil-free; this way, you won’t get too greasy throughout the day.

• Save your serums & other skincare for nighttime and stick to a simple morning routine (i.e cleanser, tone, light moisturizer with spf) – you don’t want too much on your skin for the day as it can cause you to get greasy quicker.

• Always tone your skin. Toning is not only refreshing and perfect for the summer, but it will balance the pH in your skin and help repair the skin’s moisture barrier.

• Be sure to really focus on your skin this summer. Instead of doing heavy makeup looks all the time, try to ease up a bit. When your skin sweats while you have makeup applied, that product can get into your pores and cause build-up – so be sure to take care of your skin!

Summer Makeup:

• When it comes to base makeup in hot weather, less is more. Try going for a bb or cc cream instead of foundation to give your skin more breathing room. To add coverage, a bit of concealer will do the trick.

• Go light on the eyes. Most eyelids tend to get oily fairly quickly, especially in hot weather so opting for just a bit of concealer, powder & mascara will do the trick.

• Keep those lips hydrated & protected. Not a lot of people know that if you get ‘chapped’ lips in the summer, that usually means they are sunburnt. Your lips can burn very easily, so using a lip balm with SPF either alone or underneath a lip product is essential.

• Go for the glow. To prevent your glow from sweating off, use a cream or liquid highlight & set with a powder highlight to ensure it doesn’t budge.

• Bronze it up. Summer is all about being a bronzed goddess, so don’t be afraid to warm up your skin. When you do bronze, make sure you match it to your skin to prevent you from looking orange.

Are you ready for summer?

Grace Michelle

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