SS18: Why You Must Attend LAFW

Fashion shows can be a bit of a whirlwind. The first show I worked was Oscar de la Renta for a Beverly Hills luncheon. The jewelry was absolutely exquisite and modeled after Barbie herself. Beautiful swarovski crystals outlining her perfectly placed handbags, shoes and face. The gowns were something of another world. It’s not that I wasn’t aware of Chinchilla before but when I got to touch the beautiful hunter green jacket made entirely of the fur I just about died and told myself this is my journey.

Fast-forward to LA Fashion Week SS18. I brought my daughter to see what creativity lies ahead for next season. We walked in and although she was hesitant to go at first she was immediately drawn in.

The art displayed by various artists seemed as though it was taken straight from the set of Alice in Wonderland. You had vibrant oil on canvas paintings and collages displaying bright sunscapes to the skull of death. Artists who are clearly invested in their passion no matter what judgment they may have received up to that moment of success and recognition.

Full-face masks and furry little doggie friends graced multiple runways this past week, including the canine collection by Anthony Rubio. There’s shimmer, shock and straight lines to look forward to although I honestly can’t get enough of Rochelle Goodrick. It’s the perfect collection for the fun, girly, tough, modern, sleek sophisticated, fun woman. Masks to beanies, she designed a collection that hit on everything us strong women need in life for climbing the corporate ladder or preparing for our first art exhibit.


Fashion seems frivolous (up until a few years ago when people asked what I did I simply replied I help people get dressed) but it really is a type of art that can make people come together for the pure beauty of it all.

What was your favorite style shown? Will you be attending fashion week? Comment below!


Christina Koop

Author: Christina Koop

Christina is a fun loving, trend oriented millennial with an eye for trend spotting and digital marketing. In her spare time, she is usually found with friends, reading the next marketing tech book, or simply with her husband relaxing and enjoying all that life has to offer her in NC.