Achieve Smudged Lips This Season: The Newest Trend in Beauty


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Smudged Lips are the trend of the season.  Two words. That said, imperfect looking lips are seen on runways, fashion magazines and street culture. It looks as if you were drinking something that was vibrant red, violet berry, pink or magenta, and it seeps into the lines of your lips and stains the surrounding skin—which is the new, trendy look. This is what smudged lips are all about.

No more trying to line the perfect lip. With smudged lips, you can relax and close your eyes, so to speak, and put your lips on—smudge style. Smudged lips are what you need to be wearing. Doll, try diffusing your lip liner. Take a lip brush or use your finger and start dappling and smudging it into your lips and a tad outside the lip line.

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If you work in “Corporate America” your lips may naturally look this way after putting in long, arduous hours, refreshing your lipstick all day without a mirror, and drinking coffee and energy drinks.

Val Garland, L’Oreal Paris Global Makeup Director; explains her take on the smudged lip trend, “Just-snogged” [making out] lips as the inspiration for a smeared, messed-up pout whilst subtly worn-in color and diffused edges were on show at Giambattista Valli, Temperdey London, Monse, and Topshop Unique.

There are many different variations of blurring and smudging your lip. For example, pick two slightly different colors, adding emphasis to the center of the lip and diffusing a darker color outward. You can change the degree of intensity to suit your own style.


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Soft Smudged Upper Lip/ lined lower lip

You don’t have to be a makeup artist to rock this look!

Messy, lived-in, distressed and imperfect looking lips are the vibe. The lipstick trend is mimicking the hair color trend by diffusing different colors, going outside and blurring lines, and diffusing so you don’t see predominately pointed edges. Have fun and start experimenting with your lipsticks and glosses. Check out these faves of mine to achieve an affordable smudge lip styles all under $10! : Maybelline Baby Lips, L’Oreal Paris Color Caresse, and CLINIQUE Pop Glaze Series. 

I want to know your favorite look of the #smudgelip trend. Leave a comment below on your thoughts on this trend and or your favorite look I shared! 

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Susie L.

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