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The interview with the woman behind all those crazy, insane, beautiful lip looks you just never know how to do.

We got serious with Vlada of Vlada Haggerty so read on to get the details.

Minnie Mouse Lip Art by Vlada of Vlada MUA

Minnie Mouse Lip Art by Vlada

1. What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

A: I loved makeup since I was a little girl. I would get in my mother’s makeup bag and put everything I could find on my face. It was so much fun! When I was 15 I tried wearing mascara to a field trip with my school and my friends actually made fun of me for wearing makeup. That didn’t stop me though, since then makeup became my favorite thing to do!

Ice Cream Inspired Lip Art by Vlada of Vlada MUA

Ice Cream Inspired Lip Art by Vlada of Vlada MUA

2. We see you do really well on social media, in particular Instagram, how did you gain so much Instagram success?

Lime Light Clothes x Vlada Mua Collaboration Work by Vlada of Vlada MUA

Lime Light Clothes x Vlada Mua Collaboration Work by Vlada of Vlada MUA

A: Yes, I recently hit a 300,000 mark on Instagram. I think creating great content, being persistent and hard working will eventually pay off. When I started doing lip art a year and a half ago I had about 8,000. I kept posting everyday and about 6 months in, brands started noticing my work and started sharing my lip art. That was a pivotal point in my Instagram journey. I actually have an article about how to grow your following on my blog (ww.vladamua.com)

3.  What is your favorite Lip look to do? Do you have a top five?

"Sweater Weather" by Vlada of Vlada MUA

“Sweater Weather” by Vlada

A: I don’t have a favorite look to do. I have favorite looks I’ve done, but I never get stuck on just one technique. I always experiment with textures and different styles. Here are a few looks that are my personal favorites (you can usually tell which ones I like the most, because they are available as prints on my Etsy.

4.  What is your go to everyday makeup look?

Lip Art done by Vlada of Vlada MUA

Lip Art done by Vlada


A: My everyday makeup is very minimal. A little bit of foundation, cream blush, mascara, brow gel and lip balm. I only wear heavy makeup if I have an event and I know they will be taking photos.

5. Three essential items you cant live without in your makeup kit?

A: If we’re talking about my professional kit, I would say: alcohol, RCMA foundations, Inglot Duraline, clear lip gloss, Inglot eyeliner 77. The only thing I can’t leave my home without is a chapstick or a lip gloss, if I don’t have it on me, I will have to buy it (that’s why every purse and every jacket I own always has a few).

Pat McGrath Fuchsia #002 Look by Vlada of Vlada MUA

Pat McGrath Fuchsia #002 Look by Vlada

6. Where do you see yourself in five years from now, professionally?

A: That’s a question that is impossible to answer for me. My life is unpredictable and I just enjoy this journey. A year ago, I would never think I would be doing what I do right now, so I’m just excited to see where my life will take me. I just want to be healthy to accomplish everything I want.

7.  Do you have any makeup brand collaborations coming out soon?

A: Yes, but I can’t talk about them yet, stay tuned!

8.  Last but not least, a fun question for you. What is something totally goofy about you that no one knows?

A: I have a pet snail. Yes you read that right. Haha! His name is Dale the Snail and it’s not actually a he (snails are hermaphrodites), but to me he’s a boy.

Sushi Inspired (Salmon Nigiri) by Vlada of Vlada MUA

Sushi Inspired (Salmon Nigiri) by Vlada

If you are interested in finding out more on Vlada and her amazing artistry/booking her follow her:

IG: @vladamua

Facebook: vladamua

Twitter: Vladamua

Site: Vlada Haggerty


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