Q+A With Master Hair Guru Lana Mai!

We were so mesmerized with fall hair colors, cuts, and textures that we had to get a one on one in with our favorite hair artist, Lana Mai.

Read on while Lana discussed her favorite hair trends, tips and tricks, as well as just how she got started!

Q: Why do you think you decided to become a hairstylist?

Grey Hair by Lana Mai Hair

Grey Hair by Lana Mai Hair

A: To be honest, in my childhood I have always been around beauty products and play with Barbie dolls and try different hairstyles on them. I guess my passion to become hairstylist started from childhood and over the time, I have been trying best to chase my dreams.

 Q: How did you get your start in the industry?

 A: I joined hairstyling school, London School, where I got to learn and embrace my skills more professionally. Once I registered myself as a professional hairstylist, I continued my career at Revolution Salon, Burnaby and now I am owner at my own salon; Ice Studio, Vancouver.

 Q: What inspires your work?

Working with colors is just an art itself and sometimes it is beyond the imagination, how creative art you can get just by mixing right amount of different colors to get the end color shade. This transformation process for clients and seeing them satisfied with their looks, gives me joy and inspire me more to come with creative ideas.

Q: Top three iconic hair styles/cuts/and or colors?

 a. Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde by Lana Mai

Ash Blonde by Lana Mai Hair


b. Purple Lilac

Purple Lilac by Lana Mail

Purple Lilac by Lana Mai Hair


3. Grey Ombre

Grey Ombre by Lana Mai Hair

Grey Ombre by Lana Mai Hair

Q: Who is a hair artist you look up to?

A: I really admire Guy Tang’s work on hair.

Guy Tang

Guy Tang

Q: Have you been able to work with any celebrities in the industry, if not, who would you love to have in your chair?

A: I have not worked with any celebrity yet. If I get a chance to work with any celebrity, it would be my pleasure. According to me, I respect my clients enough and everyone of them is celebrity to me.

Q: What are five trending looks you see appearing this Fall 2016 in hair color and cuts?

a. Grey

Grey by Lana Mai Hair

Grey by Lana Mai Hair


b. Metallic Silver

Metallic Silver by Lana Mai

Metallic Silver by Lana Mai


c. Metallic Lilac

Metallic Lilac by Lana Mai Hair

Metallic Lilac by Lana Mai Hair


d. Smokey

Smokey by Lana Mai Hair

Smokey by Lana Mai Hair


e. Ash Brown

Ash Brown by Lana Mai Hair

Ash Brown by Lana Mai Hair


Q: Number one hair care tip?

A: For the hair that have been through lightening process and dry hair, it is best not to use to much heat and keep applying lots of hair oil to get them healthy again.

Q: Top five hair products you cant live without?

A: Hair Spray, Heat Protection Spray, Hair Oil, Leave In Treatment, Purple Shampoo

Q:  Lastly, what do you love most about being a stylist?

A: Being creative with color beyond the limits and seeing my clients happy with their hair after I process them is what I look forward to everyday when I get to work.

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