“Orange”: The New Smokey Eye?


The traditional black smokey eye has been and is a popular choice when it comes to eye make-up; especially for nights out people tend to opt for a classic black smokey. When a lot of people think of a smokey eye most people would think of black, grey and white. Although I love the classic smokey look I think for Summer it is an ideal time to throw in some brightness into your eye makeup. When is a better excuse to throw on a bright bold orange eyeshadow than Summer time when there are festivals, BBQs and holidays. The idea of an orange eyeshadow can scare a lot of people but in fact orange can be used in different ways. You could go for a orange smokey which will incorporate the orange in a more subtle way, being blended with brown tones. Perhaps just adding a pop of colour to the inner corner of the eye or under the lower lash line. If you are feeling brave you could go for a more dramatic look and have orange all over the lid which will be a bold placement of colour which is actually a current trend.