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Hello dolls! Happy June!❤ This month on #TrendingAtRunwayz the trend is somewhat similar to that of last month; A ‘no makeup’ makeup trend, but this time mascara can’t sit with us. I’ve been seeing more and more people wearing minimal makeup & no mascara, which makes it even more natural; but how can you achieve it without looking like you have no lashes? I’m here to help you out.

All trends have their roots, and this one seems to be originating from runway models for designers such as John Galliano, Lavin and Christopher Kane. These designers focused on true skin where the models faces were left looking bare with of course; a lack of mascara. I’ve seen beauty bloggers such as Linda Hallberg, Alexx Kyler & Kim Thai(who haven’t been using mascara for quite sometime, however it is influential now that the trend is popping up.) fuel the trend and exclude mascara from their ‘no makeup’ makeup days.

~Linda Hallberg wearing minimal makeup, brows, a bright lip & no mascara.

~Alexx Kyler wearing a natural base, brows & no mascara.

~Kim Thai wearing only base makeup, brow gel, lip gloss, and no mascara.

How To Wear ‘No Mascara’ Makeup:

Similar to the ‘no makeup’ makeup look, it is very simple; light coverage for base makeup & concealer wherever it’s needed, a little(and I mean little) bronzer & blush to give color back to the face, highlight is optional, a bit of brow gel(you can of course do full brows per your preference) and you’re done! Right? Wrong. This look does in fact include some eye makeup, but very little, and it’s very easy to pull off.

What you’ll need:
Clear Brow & Mascara Gel

Eyelash Curler

Nude Pencil Eyeliner

First make sure your lashes & lashline are clean and free of excess makeup. Then using your eyelash curler, curl your lashes to the shape of your liking. Once curled, apply the brow & mascara gel liberally being sure to really coat your lashes – this will enhance your natural lashes without the dramatic effect mascara gives. Be sure to get your lower lashes a bit with the clear gel as well. Taking your nude eyeliner, line your waterline & lashline. This will open up your eyes and make them appear more awake & allow your lashes to be a bit more visible. As for your base, you want to keep it simple & youthful so apply moisturizer, eye cream & cover any dark circles you may have before going ahead with your base. This look is very focused on the skin so that is the number one priority when pulling this off.

One thing that Lavin would do is add a bit of glitter or highlight to the inner corners; this will open up and bring more attention the eyes even more.

Lastly, don’t forget about the lips. You have three options: a bright & bold lip, a light nude gloss or lacquer, or a simple lip balm. These three lips look best with this look, so choose what fits YOU best! You know what they say, lipstick is a makeup lovers bestfriend!

AND BOOM! You’ve mastered the ‘no mascara’ makeup look.

Have YOU tried this trend? Let me know below!

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