Must Have Swimsuit Styles For This Summer

Sun’s out, is it summer yet??

I am SO ready and I’m definitely ready for a day at the pool, beach weekends and those tropical vacations. Wherever your pretty heart desires to be at this spring and summer, a new swimwear will be packed for sure!

From gorgeous one piece, two piece, cropped top, shorts, off the shoulder and even long sleeve! There are so many adorable selections to choose from. I’m seriously wanting one from each category, please!

With so many styles out, finding the perfect one is a must to make you feel confident, comfortable and of course staying in trend. It is very important to know what style suits you the BEST. I put together an inspiring shopping lists and there’s one for every type of girl that I’m sure one will be screaming for you to wear!

Whichever makes it in your shopping cart, I hope you Rock it.. but don’t forget that sunscreen!!

Which of these swimsuits will be suiting you this season??


Amira Omar



Christina Koop

Author: Christina Koop

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