Mom’s Guide to Back to School Shopping

Being a mom is such hard work and it’s no surprise we worry about what are daughters are wearing to school. It seems they’re all growing up so fast and into wearing the latest trends no matter if it’s age appropriate. In this girl power age it doesn’t seem like our youth is embracing it as much as they should.

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s so my clothes were never so tight that I was worried about camel toe lol I’m sure my mom wasn’t the only one out there who was willing to put on a scantily clad outfit to show her daughters how ridiculous we could look. However in this day in age where the Kardashians are looked up to it scares me who my daughter will have to look up to style wise besides me of course. Do we blame the designers that make the clothes for our youth? Are the parents to blame because we buy the pieces? Advertising? Maybe it’s a little bit of all three.

We can’t win every battle and high school is just a real testament to how much patience we have. School shopping with our daughters can help save us some stress if we can help them find the trends and make it their own.

When my mother in law gave my daughter a pair of booty shorts my husband and I were like she’s 6! As her mother I have never worn shorts that short in my life.

If your daughters dying for that crop top, suggest she pair it with a high waist pant.

If she’s into off the shoulder, keep the bottom covered.

There’s so many cute styles!

Let’s remind them that no successful woman wears barely any clothes. Celebrities wear these clothes to get our attention.

It’s my job to help them play that part but it’s always a performance they’re dressing for.

As a personal stylist, my job is to help build confidence in people as well. I’ve never been into trends, just what looks good on my body and that’s what I’ll teach my daughter. She’s been on set with me and I always remind her that these people are’s not real life.

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Christina Koop

Author: Christina Koop

Christina is a fun loving, trend oriented millennial with an eye for trend spotting and digital marketing. In her spare time, she is usually found with friends, reading the next marketing tech book, or simply with her husband relaxing and enjoying all that life has to offer her in NC.