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Lets Talk Must Have’s For Your Beauty Kit.

 Before, you do anything, put a Sugar Scrub on your lips. It exfoliates your lips and removes dryness and flakes of dead skin (that look like bread crumbs under your lip stick—hello!) Your lips will look smooth, voluptuous and sexy. Clinical Care Sugar Lips has an exfoliant and lip plumper in one, and leaves your lips feeling fabulous.

When I’m extra busy and don’t have time to touch up my lips, I use Huda Beauty Liquid Matte—liquid lipstick. I love how it looks and feels on my lips. It’s light weight, hydrates and lasts all day long. I never have to worry about it smudging. My favorite color is Muse. You can order online at Huda Beauty and I’ve also purchased it at Sephora.

Next, Mehron ProColorRing is amazing! If you have red undertones; blemishes, broken capillaries or red patches, apply the Mint Buff (light green) in a stippling motion with a small brush or your fingertips. Then, let it dry. This will even out your skin tone before applying your foundation. I have a client who hated the red blotchiness in her complexion and she thought nothing could be done about it until I gave her a makeup class and showed her this technique. It was fun seeing her expression when the red patchiness disappeared. She was elated!

Also, if you have dark circles under your eyes, lightly tap the Soft Peach color right on top to give a more even, lighter color before applying foundation. The color ring has many colors to camouflage unwanted skin tones and bruises (injections from Botox or Juvaderm, or from a missed block during Karate class.)

The right concealer can make you look refreshed. Amazing Cosmetics has a concealer called Amazing Concealer known as the “magic eraser.” These concealers also help cover up dark circles from under eyes so that you look revitalized no matter how tired you are from your hustle. Also, it covers up sun damage. For some models, clients and myself; I will use the Soft Peach from Mehron Pro Color Ring before foundation and then apply the Amazing Concealer right before adding highlighter under the eye for an extra youthful and renewed appearance to conceal darkness under tired looking eyes.

Apply a primer before putting your foundation on. According to the Huffington Post, “Makeup primer is a godsend when trying to combat shine or create a smooth base for foundation.” Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre is a primer and moisturizer, known as the 24 hour miracle cream. Primers help your makeup to last longer, seal pores and will not clog pores. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre can also be used as a moisturizing mask, which is awesome if you need to travel light—three products in one.

It is also important to use a primer under your eye shadow to prevent creasing and enjoy the longevity of your eyeshadow, not wondering why it’s mysteriously dissipating. Urban Decay and Makeup Forever have fantastic eye primers.

I love, love, love the Beauty Blender! No more streaks or blotchy-looking foundation. The Beauty Blender gives your foundation a seamless appearance. To use, quickly place the sponge under the water and gently squeeze the excess water out and start patting it over your face to blend foundation. The Beauty Blender has a pointed end to get those hard-to-get places around the corners of nose.

I clean my Beauty Blender with Liquid Blendercleanser. It’s very easy to use. Squirt the cleanser into a small bowl, swirl around and dip the sponge in, lightly squeeze and lather it up. Then place the Beauty Blender back in the bowl and let it sit for two hours. Then, rinse and let air dry.

Lastly, there’s no reason for your makeup to look like it’s creasing, blotchy or disappearing off your eyelids and face after only a few hours of applying it. Your image is important because you are an influencer to your peers around you!

  1. Use Sugar Lips for irresistible kissable lips. 
  2. Have the ProColorRing in your makeup drawer in case of a breakout, bruising or when your relentless schedule shows up under your eyes.
  3. Then finish with the Beauty Blender for seamless coverage over your foundation.

Darling, it’s imperative that you have all your makeup essentials for backup in your makeup case, for staying power, looking fresh, fearless and positioned to conquer the day!

Embrace Life,
Susie Lauri
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Susie L.

Author: Susie L.

Susie Lauri is the lead hair and makeup artist, and a contributing writer for Runwayz Magazine. She specializes in hair and makeup for commercial print and production. She is known for her glamour makeovers including balayage, color, haircuts and styling. When not on location, Susie works out of her studio in Aliso Viejo, California. Find more about her at :, @susie_lauri_hair on Instagram!

*This post is pure opinion by Susie Lauri, Lead Hair and Makeup Stylist For Runwayz Magazine*