Letter From The Editor


Hello RW Readers~

Happy 2016 to eveimg_4919ryone!  First off, you are probably wondering who the lady on the left of me is, and that is one of my best friends and my Editorial Assistant on Runwayz Magazine. Her name is Ypani Guerrero, and a great wing woman to bring to all my events.

I want to let all of our following know that this year is going to be a mile stone year for Runwayz Magazine. We will be circulating articles constantly each week: (Newsletters go out every Friday). This year is a step-up from the past three years of circulation because we are now expanding on topics such as lifestyle, food, and travel more often than not. I also want to stress the importance of collaboration this year. We will be collaborating with highly-skilled, accomplished industry leaders and influencers on Runwayz this 2016 year with fun to-dos, life updates, tips and tricks, and much more excitement.

Merry 2016 to you all!



Christina Koop