Lady Gaga At Super Bowl 51- Was It All That Good?

Now that we are currently past half time in the game and saw the lovely Lady Gaga’s Superbowl 51 Live Concert at Half-Time, it is time to break down that stunning event piece by piece.

#1 Her Outfits Were Off The Hook

Outfit #1: Total Star Glam
We loved Gaga in her bedazzled gem suit and killer makeup glitter eye decals. Spoiler alert for those not watching live: She does a makeup change in literally less than five minutes! Wow.


Outfit #2: Look 1 with some Pumped Up Gold Rock Jacket
This one was fabulous as it took her roughly :59 seconds to throw on an added jacket, but nevertheless we loved it!

Outfit #3: The White Out Football Outfit
We loved this look the best. It was super posh, bright white, and just total #glambabe written all over it.


#2 Lets Chat About Her Performance:

We personally are Gaga fans however while we were more than pleased with the flashing lights, raving outfits, and more we just did not have it with the sound of her voice during the live show. We know Gaga and the power of her voice, and it was just not entirely there tonight.

Gaga displayed some awesome effort and maybe next performance we see her swing we will  be delighted on those high pitch vocals, keep up the practice Gaga!

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