Kat Von D + Jeffrey Stars: Friendly Feud?

Its been trolling the news and celebrity tabloids everywhere that Kat Von D and Jeffree Star’s buddy buddy relationship is on the rocks. Why? Is it truly?

We broke it down for you.

Beauty guru, Kat Von D and Beauty Junkie Jeffree Stars rose to fame together. While Kat Von D. had the jump start, while Jeffree Star was rising up the totem pole, Kat worked on endorsing him in any way she could. She even named a hot pink liquid lipstick after him. However, now Kat is announced that she is completely breaking herself off from him and wants nothing to do with him.

Kat Von D. of LA Ink (Originally) . She is now a boss lady and entrepreneur of Kat Von D. Cosmetics

Kat Von D. of LA Ink (Originally) . She is now a boss lady and entrepreneur of Kat Von D. Cosmetics


Why the sudden break off in friendship?

Kat + Jeffree

Kat + Jeffree

Kat says she is tired of defending him and all of his nasty comments. It is taking a hit on her self presence and her business. She said, “His constant promotion of drug use, rape, racism, and bullying is simply not justifiable.”

In addition to her public end all of their friendship, she will be pulling the color dedicated to him out of her collection. This color is titled “Jefree” and it is in a salmon pink color. (For fans of this color, we assume now is the time to buy like mad and for people in support of this move, your time has come!)

Kat Von D. "Jeffree" Lip Pigment. $20.00 Purchase.

Kat Von D. “Jeffree” Lip Pigment. $20.00 Purchase.

Many fans are in support of this move for Kat and lots of people are shunning Jeffrey Star, of Jeffrey Star Cosmetics. 

 Wow! With all this drama going on, how does everyone feel?

Do you support Kat’s decision to drop their friendship? Whose side are you on?

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  • I was catching up on all the drama last night. As someone who has only just started following Jeffree Star (late on know lol) I had no idea just how much controversy surrounded him. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out and if Kat Von D will go into further detail out her comments.

    Bec | beautywithbec.com

  • Yes totally! It will be very interesting to see what plays out and if she leaves further information on the matter because they were so tight! Thanks for commenting Bec!