It’s Time to Take Time Seriously, Listen to Your Ayurvedic Clock!

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When you ask anyone on the street what their biggest issue is, they would probably reply with, I’m too busy, I need more time. There needs to be more hours in a day. If I had a nickel for every time I said that! But the issue is exactly that. Most of us are stressed beyond our minds from work and overstretched in so many activities that the notion of “slowing down” seems impossible. We all want a good life experience, whether it be happiness, good company or money. But how can we live and set ourselves up for success?

It’s time to take time seriously. What if there was an optimal way to live?

Ayurveda, in Sanskrit, means science of life, and this system is thousands of years old. The whole idea of this ancient science is to adapt and monitor the changes of your own energy and physical body to live harmoniously with the environment. The five elements (fire, water, air, earth, ether) need to be in balance and since life is always changing, one must be in tune and able to listen.

One way to implement Ayurveda is simply by adjusting your lifestyle with the rhythm of the day. No matter where you are, your 24 hour day is composed of 2 major parts with 3 subcategories that will of course blend and mesh as they transition, bringing you that beauty we call life:

The Ayurvedic Clock*

First 12 Hours of the Day: 6am – 6pm

6am – 10am
Kapha (earth + water) energy increases. This is the best time for exercise and physical labor before the sun is giving its peak heat. Kapha is heavy and supports greater physical strength.

10am – 2pm
Pitta (fire + water) increases. This is the best time of the day to eat your biggest meal, as the pitta or digestive fire is the strongest in the middle of the day.

2pm – 6pm
Vata (air + ether) increases. This is the best time for mental and creative energy, as the nervous system is more active. Craving sweets at this time indicates exhaustion, blood sugar issues, poor digestion or that you didn’t eat a sufficient lunch.

Second 12 Hours of the Day: 6pm – 6am

6pm – 10pm
Kapha increases. This is the best time to begin settling down for sleep. Kapha is heavy, and with cortisol levels dropping at this time, you should be getting sleepy!

10pm – 2am
Pitta increases. This is the best time to be sleeping. The liver (pitta) engages in detox at this time (like a janitor cleaning floors and windows). If you are constantly up and awake during this time, the detox can be disturbed.

2am – 6am
Vata increases. The nervous system begins to stir during this time before the sun rises. This is the best time to sleep deeply and naturally wake up before the sunrise.



Until next time! (Pun intended!)

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