Is The Broad Museum L.A. Worth Seeing?

So you want to go to The Broad Museum in Los Angeles huh?

Well, I am here to give you the run down on all things you should know before making a trip there.

Oh, and make sure to read every detail of this guide before you go you will need to know every tiny piece of info I have slipping into this article.

Enjoy. (Don’t worry it’s not that long!)

  1. Make sure to register for a ticket for your entire party before making the drive because otherwise you will get stuck in a two hour line. YOU WILL we mean it!


2.  There is definitely some cool art to check out. But not as much as you think there would be. It is all still worthy of seeing, however. We snapped shots of our favorite pieces of art below. (P.S. Getty L.A. we still love you more!)

“Michael Jackson and Bubbles” Artist: Jeff Koons

“Balloon Dog: “Blue” Artist: Jeff Koons

Name: You will have to see and find out! Artist: Ed Ruscha

Title: “I…..I’m Sorry” Artist: Roy Lichtenstein

Make these pieces a priority if you are going to be checking out the museum.

3. Make sure to check in for the “Mirror” room the minute you step foot in the place because otherwise you will be waiting around for two to three hours just to get into this exhibit. Trust me its worth your priority.

4. Enjoy! We had a good time seeing all there was to see there, however it was not our favorite place and we definitely felt that it was overrated but still a sight to check off the bucket list, right?


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