Interview with Makeup Maven, Colton Nelson!

We sat down with Colton Nelson to get the low down on the world of cosmetics from an aspirational teen boy who fell in love with makeup at a very young age and has a true passion for it.

Makeup by Colton Nelson

Read on to find  out the scoop on his artistry talent!

Makeup by Colton Nelson

What inspired you to become a makeup artist?

C: When I was younger, I used to sneak away and play with my mom’s makeup; I used to steal her makeup and beg my two sisters to let me do their makeup, which they would eventually regretfully agree to, and this is what gave me an appreciation for makeup and turned me onto it. My passion and inspiration for makeup came much later, when I was first introduced to the drag community; the reason I started seriously doing makeup was actually because I was practicing for a drag Halloween costume.

Who is your favorite makeup artist to pull inspo from?

C: I’m an avid user of social media, so I follow a lot of makeup and beauty moguls who inspire me as an artist; albeit, Nikkie Tutorials is one who I’m always looking out for. I’m always looking to see what she comes up with next, and I value her opinion and expertise on products and techniques; I won’t miss a post or a video from her

How long have you done artistry for ?

C: A lot of people are surprised to hear this, but I’ve only been doing makeup seriously for about 2 months now. It all started a few months ago with an insecurity with my brows, which caused me to start filling them in, and that progressed to foundation and highlighter and then finally a full face.

If you could collaborate with any cosmetic brand, which would it be?

C: I would love to collaborate with Morphe Brushes! The company hosts a number of extremely successful collaborations, and I would love to be involved with a company I know and love. And although I know Jeffree Star hasn’t done any collaborations yet, but I would love to collaborate with him and his cosmetic line.

What age did you learn to experiment with makeup?

I experimented a bit when I was younger in my preteens but never with any intent or idea of what I was doing except for creating looks I thought looked appealing. I only started experimenting seriously more recently, but for years prior, I found myself watching a lot of videos by beauty vloggers and found it comforting to watch them apply makeup. I think watching beauty vlogger.

Makeup by Colton Nelson

Favorite Makeup Brand?

C: I’m a big supporter of independent makeup brands and a big fan of Jeffree Star, so I own a lot of makeup products from his line of cosmetics. In terms of overall product confidence, Anastasia Beverly Hills offers a lot of products for different parts of the face that I can depend on—from their brow products to their eyeshadows to their contour products.

Favorite Skin Care Brand?

C: I used to have moderate cystic acne until I went to see a dermatologist, and I still deal with acne and breakouts; skincare is fairly important to me. For my acne, I like using products by Cetaphil mostly, but also occasionally use Paula’s Choice; I’m also a big fan of Peter Thomas Roth for face masks.

Makeup by Colton Nelson

Word of Advice to offer other young up and coming artists in makeup and beauty?

C: Do a lot of research! Makeup can be very difficult to perfect, so I recommend watching A LOT of tutorials and reading a lot of articles on all types of makeup application. If you can, I would attend makeup classes and master courses by artists who you are inspired by and value. Most importantly, SHARE YOUR WORK. By sharing your work, you will start establishing connections, which will not only increase your clientele, but also create opportunities for you as an artist.

Makeup by Colton Nelson

Fun fact about yourself no one knows! Yes, we went there.

C: I have a lot of diverse interests that people are typically surprised to know about. I like makeup and beauty, but I also like anime, drag, music, art, reality TV, comedy, video games, and pop culture; and I gain inspiration as an artist from all of these things. I’m also in university right now majoring in illustration; I’m an artist at heart!

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