Inside The Mind of A Genius Illustrator, Autumn Ying

We were able to interview a amazing and inspirational up and coming graphic designer, Autumn Ying, on her skills in illustration, hopes and dreams in art, and much more.

Lights. Camera. Action!

What got you into jewelry design?

I’ve always enjoyed making things since I was a kid. Be it fashion accessories for my Barbie dolls, cards and small handmade jewelries for families during occasions; I could have spent a great deal of time in my bedroom letting my imagination run wild. From then, I’m determined to groom my passion into a talent.

What inspires you most in life?

Fairytales, is one of my biggest inspirations. I like living in my imagination, a world of fairy tales, folklore and magic, filled with wildlife and wonder. I like the way how these tales are so old, and yet still so impressive and relevant to us now. They are filled with beauty, enchantment and strangeness, taking place in worlds in which anything is possible, and yet on a deeper level they are psychological dramas in which desires, longings and fears are played out and resolved.  Much of my creations are reminiscent of whimsical elements. By blending whimsey and realism, I hope those who wear my creations retain a sense of childlike wonder. The joy and confidence doesn’t come from being ostentatious, rather from the sophistication and design integrity of the thoughtful piece. Like people, every piece of jewelry has a story to tell, a journey that goes along with it.

What age did you decide you had a passion for jewelry design?

I would have to say though, that my real love for designing jewelry was sparkled when metal-smithing became my main course during my university time in my early 20’s. It was a challenging and exciting experience by seeing there’s so many different techniques to manipulate metal and also the endless possibilities to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. With some jewelry design awards won during my school time, it further enhanced my passion for continuing this path. And so here I am today.

Your Instagram gallery is gorgeous, do you also do illustration pieces?

Yes I do. I consider myself a jewelry designer but illustration is my passion as well. Working on both gives me more freedom and spaces for experimentation and a wider aspect in design.

Tell us about how you got into illustration.

It was really very serendipitous in getting into this field. Having studied graphic design and illustration for cross disciplinary courses requirement during my school time, I have honed in my skills over the years and has developed my own way of illustrative style. Little did I know that the passion would eventually bloom into my imaginary daydream space in Instagram. Through illustration, I was amazed by how my imagination can flourish without fettered by the bounds of reality.

What are your top best illustration pieces you have ever done?

My illustrative style is to revive the things around us and to tell a story through them. In this narrative process, I always like to add my personal whimsical touch to it by ensuring that playfulness or even the inner child will be provoked when you look at it. It plays an important role as it allows you to feel the sensuality of the illustration.

Among these are top of my favourite pieces: 

It’s very hard to pick just one. “Reverso Kingdom” pendant is one of my favourites, as its primitive design responds gently to the simplicity and serenity of play. It is a pendant that can be worn for both sides. By deliberately mimicking children’s toys through different facades, this design creates subtle movements when the piece is played. On one side the door can be opened and it gives insight to what can be behind the door. You’ll see a beautiful golden robin bird. On the reverse side, the bird can be rotated to represent freedom. I believe artwork is an insight into the creator’s soul and can never be replicated.

There’s also a statement ring, “Chariot of Treasures” that I designed with a unique feature: a movable chariot carrying the treasure out from the gem caves. This allows the client to play with the movement and turn it into a fun jewelry piece. It’s as if you could have different view of your statement ring just by moving your hand. What I would like to express is that simple movement designs that mimic how a child plays, focusing on child-centric and light-hearted elements, will trigger one’s childhood memories. The playfulness behind makes it possible to embrace the inner child in adulthood through jewelry too.

Here are some of my other favourite creations as well:

Tell us a fun fact about you!

To me, there’s a love for toys too since I was young. That’s the reason why I always try to infuse the playfulness in my designs, in hope that by evoking a sense of play and nostalgia experienced in childhood time, the inner child in everyone can be recalled, especially in today’s fast-paced real world. Perhaps one day I would go in the field of becoming an adult toy designer. Who knows?:)

We absolutely love Autumn and her beautiful work!

Did you fall in love with her pieces too?

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