How To Survive Being a Mompreneur

Chances are that if you’re a mom and a business owner this whole post is going to make you cry. Those tears are going to be tears of happiness, not sadness…mainly because it will be a relief that someone else in this world knows exactly how you feel every single day.

Is it morning for you? Were you just woken up from the best dream ever in which Channing Tatum (or insert your sexy man crush here) just knocked on your door and handed you a giant bag filled with $100 bills by a toddler yelling “MOOOOOOOM, I NEED YOU TO WIPE ME!”? Or maybe it’s the evening and you were interrupted while replying to emails by your child who managed to figure out the highest pitch of screaming that they were capable of? Whatever time of the day it is for you, I bet you wish it were bed time.

I am a mom to a 5 year old and a 3.5 year old and currently building a 6 figure boudoir company all from home while my husband gets to escape everyday to that beautiful paradise that is work. Some days I want to push him down the stairs, call up his work and say “Daniel can’t come in but hey, I can fill in for him if you need someone.” A LOT of my days start out rough. It’s a combination of many things though…the constant feeling of being needed by literally everyone in your life is so emotionally exhausting. I wanted to share a few tips so you too can survive being a mompreneur and MAYBE…just maybe you can survive a day without coffee or wine (but who am I kidding?)?

  1. Everyone needs you- get used to it. Your kids need you to validate their existence every 30-45 seconds. Your husband needs you to cook him meals, wash his clothes and love him. Your clients/customers need you to stay on top of THEIR needs. Most of all, YOU NEED YOU. We’re busy, we forget that we’re important too. Ever wonder why they tell you on airplanes that if anything ever happened put YOUR oxygen mask on first so you can help others? Yeah…same principle. Yes, it’s overwhelming as hell to constantly be needed. Will you survive without popping a blood vessel in your brain? Well yes, that’s why there is a lock on your bathroom door. Bring snacks in there and if you turn the lights off you may be able to buy yourself a few extra minutes by tricking your kids. Tip: give yourself mini pep talks all day. “I will not leave them on someone’s door step and run. I will not leave them on someone’s doorstep and run” Take 5 minutes frequently to just step away from it all and breathe. Feel free to add chocolate, wine or fried foods into that breathing time too…you’re only human.
  2. Surround yourself with people like you. Have you ever heard someone say that it takes a village? Well, they weren’t just degrading your ability to be a parent…they were being serious. It. Takes. A. Village. When you surround yourself with other moms going through the same thing it offers you some peace. It is also a great way to find people to complain to at night after you’ve been each other’s bed time cheerleaders. Then when you find the time for mom’s night out you can all talk about the very things you went out to get away from…work and kids. Makes sense, right?
  3. Some things CAN wait. I have a constant list of priorities that I refer to all day that helps me decide what can wait and what needs to have my attention. The first one- make sure my kids don’t murder each other or kill themselves. The next priority usually goes to keeping my clients happy and feeling taken care of. If my husband is home he comes before clients obviously because I want him to feel taken care of. I put me 3rd usually (i’ve been climbing up the list lately) but no matter where I am on my priorities list I’m ALWAYS before dishes and laundry because well…it’s dishes and laundry. Point is, figure out what stuff can wait and don’t feel guilty about it…you’re one single person with a LOT of adult responsibilities and if only someone had warned you about all of these responsibilities! Which brings me to my last tip:
  4. DELEGATE. If you’re type A control freak like me this one will terrify you. I love knowing everything is going exactly how I want it to. I hate when people don’t listen to me or I have to repeat things multiple times *cough* kids *cough*. HOWEVER I realized that if something takes up a considerable amount of my time and it isn’t making me money I can both mentally and financially afford to hire someone else to do it. Cleaning the house? Please do it for me. Laundry? Send me the number for the laundry fairy. Owning a business is a huge thing and there are so many tiny little pieces to the large puzzle that is being an entrepreneur. You may think you can do it all yourself and you can if you want to age like Robin Williams in Jack but trust me- you are going to run so much better if someone else is taking care of SOMETHING for you!

All in all they say the hardest job is being a mom then you had to go ahead and add running a business on top of that while still trying to love yourself. You’re amazing, you’re a rockstar and most of all…you’re insane. It’s okay though, we’re all in the loony bin together.

^^Part of my loony bin tribe.


Christina Koop

Author: Christina Koop

Christina is a fun loving, trend oriented millennial with an eye for trend spotting and digital marketing. In her spare time, she is usually found with friends, reading the next marketing tech book, or simply with her husband relaxing and enjoying all that life has to offer her in NC.