How To Be Positive in Style This “Eclipse” Season

This “Eclipse” season is apparently going to be a long and rigorous season and what better way to go in with a positive attitude and our sleek style guide.


#1 “The Moon Child” Tee


#2 “Burnt” Orange Flowy Dress

RVCA Orange Dress


#3: “Mom” Waisted Jeans 



All is final. This season is going to be #cray.


Take our style advice and get on trend for less.


Which outfit piece was your favorite? What piece did we miss? We want to know. Leave it in the comments below! 

Christina Koop

Author: Christina Koop

Christina is a fun loving, trend oriented millennial with an eye for trend spotting and digital marketing. In her spare time, she is usually found with friends, reading the next marketing tech book, or simply with her husband relaxing and enjoying all that life has to offer her in NC.