Festival Faces – Coachella Edition

Hi dolls! With Coachella coming up, I figured I’d compile all the current makeup trends that’ll be making their debut at the music festival this weekend.

Keep It Simple.

When it comes to music festivals, there’s a temptation to do a full-glam look but it isn’t the most practical of looks to go for especially when you’re going to be out in the scorching sun for several days. Consider going for a very lightweight base or just a primer to even out the skin. When it comes to the fun stuff, let your inner unicorn shine.

Be Brave & Go Bold:
Bold eye looks seem to be the trend for music festivals this year. Vibrant colors & glitter galore, try to go for looks outside of your comfort zone: this will ensure you’ll stand out in the desert.

Glitter Tears:
Seeing as we can’t actually cry glitter, opting for a little glitter primer & holographic glitter will have to suffice. To kick it up a notch, Dermaflage x Lit Cosmetics have recently came out with Dimension 3D cosmetic glitter ‘injections’ that give glitter tears a whole new meaning. However if you don’t want to spend the money, a little primer & glitter will do just as well.

Metallic Madness:

Metallic lips are a simple yet bold way to show festival-goers that you mean business. Pairing a metallic lip to the color of your eye look will help you stand out even more.


Now I know what you’re thinking- glitter, metallics, AND EXTREME HIGHLIGHT? The answer is yes. Strobing is a new method of highlighting where you build up the glow until it’s almost luminescent which means it’s perfect for festivals.

Are you going to a music festival?

Grace Michelle

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