Festival Braids

Photographer: Gerry Eden, Model: Angelica Ulloa, Hair & Makeup: Susie Lauri

I love braiding hair, loosening it apart, and then pulling out sections to create irregular patterns, which is called pancaking.It’s easy to do.

First, put your braid in (French, Dutch, Fishtail etc,). Then, secure the bottom with an elastic. Next, spray Next Day hair on the braid so the hair will be easier to pull apart. If the hair is slippery it’s difficult to manipulate.

Now, starting from the bottom of rubber band, start loosening the braid apart so your hair looks lived in. It’s important not to make the hair look perfect so you can create your own signature style.

Model: Angelica Ulloa, Hair & Makeup: Susie Lauri

Also, pull some hair out around the hair line for a softer and sexy, lived-in look. If you don’t know how to braid, it’s easy to learn—with a little effort. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube that can teach you step-by-step Fishtail, French, Dutch and Rope braids.

You may be thinking, “I don’t have long luscious hair for braiding.” No worries. So, to not be left out of the hair trends, I have a solution for you:

Model: Michelle Van Edmond, Makeup: Daisy Hernandez, Hair:Susie Lauri


I like to keep Kanekalon® synthetic hair in different colors, already braided. First, I’ll attach to a model’s hair right before a shoot, or a bride before her Wedding, and then gently pull apart to create the softer, lived-in look. This saves time, lengthens and thickens hair.

Photographer: Gilbert & Li, Photography; Retouch: Haimo Li, Model: Michelle Van Edmond, Makeup: Daisy Hernandez, Hair: Susie Lauri, Designer: Dress Me Sew Chic

For my clients, I purchase the synthetic hair storage case. I’ll braid the hair in unique ways and sell it as a package, making life much easier for them. Ask your hairdresser to set you up. They make wonderful gifts for busy Moms and single dads.

It’s easy to attach braided extensions into your pony tail (as shown in photo with Michelle). You can also use a braided extension to add interest to your bun by wrapping it around the bottom rim.
Furthermore, you can add the extension (without braiding) over your bun by swirling/wrapping it around your own hair, making it fuller. Now, it will be in proportion to your head shape. No more sparse-looking, tiny buns that look like a walnut sitting on top of your head!

You can purchase synthetic hair inexpensively at Sally’s Beauty Supply. After it’s worn, the braid can be placed in a hair extension storage case and ready to wear for your next event. The storage case prevents the hair from getting tangled, keeps the braid in place—not all crunched up with lint sticking to it.

Since they’re so easy to travel with, take them with you on your next vacation or business trip.

Indulge yourself Darling, and start your own collection of synthetic braids! They’re super easy to twist, pin, or use an elastic to attach to your hair. No reason to miss out. It’s festival season and braids are the vibe!

Embrace Life,

Susie Lauri

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Susie L.

Author: Susie L.

Susie Lauri is the lead hair and makeup artist, and a contributing writer for Runwayz Magazine. She specializes in hair and makeup for commercial print and production. She is known for her glamour makeovers including balayage, color, haircuts and styling. When not on location, Susie works out of her studio in Aliso Viejo, California. Find more about her at : www.SusieLauri.com, @susie_lauri_hair on Instagram!